Your Wedding Ceremony – Eat a Peach in Your Perfect Wedding Ceremony

It’s August. And you’re getting married. The days are hot and steamy and the nights can be cool and great for sleeping. The corn is tasseled in the fields and the peaches are ripe on the trees. Life couldn’t be more perfect. So celebrate! How, split a ripe peach in the midst of your wedding ceremony.

I don’t know any fruit whose juice, flavor and scent can compare to the ripe peach. What a wonderful metaphor to use for your relationship! Building a ritual activity into your wedding ceremony on a peach is a lovely idea. Isn’t your life, fuller, richer, juicier because you fell in love with your partner? Isn’t it fragile but totally wonderful? Why not take a bite out of a ripe peach as a symbol of the way you are willing to take a bite out of the life to come and savor it to its fullest?

Eat a ripe peach in your white dress, you ask? Yes, absolutely, it can be managed. So, here are some ways to include peaches in your wedding ceremony — and in your marriage!

  • Put a large bowl of peaches on a table at the front, instead of or beside the flowers. Peaches are gorgeous fruits and their smell, divine!
  • Submerge peaches in the vases your flowers are in. They’re such colorful fruits.
  • Talk about peaches: how they form around a pit and then gradually “flesh out” and then gradually soften. How they gain color and shading. How delicate they are. Then talk about their sweetness and the way their taste lingers on our tongue through the whole year. They’re only here for the moment and you must seize the day.
  • Share a ripe peach right before you say your vows. Put a napkin under your chin and take a bite when your partner offers it to your. Move the napkin and offer it to your partner. Revel in its perfection and giggle when it runs down your chins. Be solicitous and clean up your partner’s face. Is there a better image for the kind of care you need to take in your marriage?
  • Use what you know about peaches to craft the promises you make to one another. Wouldn’t you like a marriage that was tender and full of love and laughter? A marriage that nourished you and gave you great pleasure? Wouldn’t you love to provide that for your partner as well? Wouldn’t you like the site of a peach to overwhelm you with love for your partner, not only on your wedding day, but whenever you saw one after that?

Put a ripe peach in your ceremony, and then in your marriage. And then consider not having a wedding cake but serving a warm peach cobbler instead.