Women Don’t Like Needy Men

Sometimes you’ll feel like you’re right on track. You can sense there’s some chemistry going on there. Perhaps people tell you that you’re both flirting a lot with each other. You brush it off and go ‘Nah’, but you know deep down that you want this girl more than anything else going on in your life right now. So far, everything is fairly casual and it looks like it’s going pretty good.

You call her up and ask her if you she wants to meet up for a drink on Tuesday, she tells you she’s busy, you go, “Ohhhh, really?” Then you ask, “How about Wednesday?” You finally manage to get her out. Because there’s been some resistance you begin to feel a little self conscious and awkward. You start to laugh at inappropriate times to break the tension. She looks away and tries to divert the attention away to what drink she’s going to have, which of course you will jump at the chance to buy for her (in an attempt to gain her approval). The more you feel her slip away from you, the more you want her and the more you do to try and keep her. Every day you see her, you become more and more needy, and in her eyes, less and less attractive.

If you come across as needy to any woman then you’ve instantly destroyed any attraction that you may have built up. You will come across to her as a wussy wimpy child man who is weak and desperate. Research by psychologists at Harvard University showed how women are far more alert to body language than men; with women reading nonverbal signals twice as effectively. Believe it or not but you can also communicate ‘neediness’ on a nonverbal level too. Ever notice yourself leaning forward trying to engage her? You turning to face her while her legs are crossed and diverting her attention away from you? I’ll just say now, don’t do that, relax, lean back and try to communicate that you don’t need her. Don’t laugh awkwardly just to try and break the tension. Don’t try and chase her up to go out for a drink. Don’t offer to buy all her drinks.

Instead you want to focus on being an assertive alpha male. You want to be cool, calm and collected. Be interesting, mysterious and unpredictable.