Will It Ever Change? Know Your Life's Gifts

As the beads of perspiration appeared on our foreheads, we continued to scrape away the layers of decorative wallpaper applied so many years ago. The home, built with extreme pride and meticulous dedication, is visibly expressed by the expert artisans from generations ago. Filled with past memories of family and love, the new owner bought a new beginning to the house that became a home.

My daughters and I begin to share how with each layer of paper removed from the walls, another layer appeared in an older style decorum. It was quite appropriate that due to the strength of the paper's adherence, the previous owners had taken the easy step by simply applying a new decorative paper over the old. The tedious task of removing the paper bought us an even greater determination to accomplish our goal – as this was soon to be a home filled with life's new beginnings for my daughter.

As I continued to chisel away at the layers of paper, I began to think how this scenario could have been compared to a question I am often asked;

"Will things ever change in my life ahead?"

Life is full with the many questions of what is yet to be. With each year given, we create new layers of memories and experiences. Just as the many applications of paper on the walls of the home, often we make the decision to 'cover-up' with yet another layer of choice by simply trying to ignore what we have learned. In hopes of a brighter path ahead, we tend to forget or attempt to erase the steps taken in the past.

In a time of trial in life, we wish so dear for a brighter tomorrow. Thoughts are often clouded with 'why me' and 'will the future ever get better'. The yellowed paper of yesterday fades our hope and faith for a new beginning.

We are given a unique purpose in life, each step consisting of trials and gifts. A trial is simply those days or events that occurs in which the solution is covered by the absence of hope. A gift does consist in each trial, and appears when one 'chisels' the trial with faith. The tools within are that of a belief in oneself, a belief in your loved one's guidance, and a belief in our creator. One is given these tools upon birth, and changes in a life's future path are determined by the utilization of these gifts.

I glanced over at my daughter and smiled, as she had accomplished her task of removing the old worn out wallpaper. She appeared tired as was I, but in unison we shared a moment of accomplishment. The room was completely removed from the decorum from many years ago – and a brighter tomorrow reflected around us.

Changes were about to be recognized – due to the inner gifts of hope and faith.