Wide World of Wedding Photographers

Digital or film? How many hours of coverage are necessary? How can I ensure that I will be pleased with my wedding album? As thousands of engaged couples search for the right photographer this spring, it is important that they know some of the answers before the hunt begins. Here are some tips to help organize the interviews.

Ask to see pictures from a sample wedding album. Photographers will showcase their best wedding photographs. But be careful, because they are not always an accurate representation of the photographer's skill. If you ask to see a sample album, most photographers will be guided to show off one of their creations. A high-quality wedding album is an important investment, so it is wise to learn what to expect.

Make sure to specifically ask who would be photographing the wedding. Large wedding photography companies often employ photographers of varying skill. Ask to view pictures from the specific photographer who would be photographing your wedding.

Be sure to ask which the photographer will have backup equipment, especially a backup camera. If the photographer can not promise to have a backup camera on your wedding day, then that is a large and unnecessary risk. Cameras can malfunction, flashes can burn out, and batteries can die. Every wedding photographer bought to have enough backup equipment so that a high quality job can be completed despite any mishaps.

Digital photography is no longer the cheap alternative to film. The quality of professional digital photography is in the process of overcoming that of film. In addition, it is more cost-efficient and flexible. Most of the top wedding photographers have switched to digital because of these developments. It is still entirely possible to photograph a wedding with film and produce a beautiful album, but the drawbacks greatly outweigh the benefits. As wedding photographers continue to educate themselves about the digital work flow, film will continue to vanish.

Weddings typically run late. Make sure to ask how much extra it would cost for an additional hour (or even two).

Check to see if the photographer will have an assistant. It is possible to successfully photograph a wedding without an assistant, but they help to keep the day running smoothly, and having one typically makes for higher quality lighting situations.

Visit at least three wedding photography companies, and do not hesitate to ask a lot of questions. Quality, style, cost, and reliability are all important factors to consider. If you want to cherish your wedding pictures for decades to come, it is worth spending time contemplating several options.

Above all, make sure that you get along with the photographer. If you are not sure that the photographer is the right personality fit for you, hold off on signing any agreement until you have a chance to spend some time with the photographer in person. If there is tension, it will reveal itself in the photography.