Why Men Will Never Know What Women Want

To be perfectly honest, I hate to hear men talk about women as if we all have the same character traits, habits, likes, and dislikes. It's not a surprise that we live in a society that unfairly and unnecessarily compartmentalizes us more harsly than it does its men. Unfortunately that is to be expected, albeit not accepted, since men are religiously, traditionally, and socially deemed more superior by a society that is more than willing to give them the upper hand in most matters.

Unfortunately, a lot of "experts" link their bias claims to matters of love and relationships. They preach that what women need is a man who is this or that … has lots of money … can make her feel secure and protected … give her multiple orgasms … lots of kids … make her feel special … They think that what all women need and want is a tough man until the end. One who will not only fight his own personal battles in life but will slay and defeat all enemies or threats to his family as well.

When specific life experiences of certain individual characters become indoctrinated into some set of "truth" guideline that claims to have knowledge of the intentions and desires of all people based on their gender, truth is lost. Men are no more capable of knowing what all women want than women are at knowing how to attract a man. A man does not sentence all men nor do the actions of one woman speak for all women.

I attribute this desperate rush to compartmentalize others as a lazy attempt to define by heresy at the expense of authentic relationships. The men who keep claiming to know what women want will be the same men who can not keep a woman. A woman is the herstory of her experiences lived and learned. She is flesh, spirit, love, and thought. To say that you know her without ever really knowing her is what fools claim.