Why Do Women Love to Be Seduced by Men?

Seduction is a primal urge in women. They can lust for it and in some sense they need it. Any guy knows that every relationship with a woman has a place for seduction. Whether he has been with that woman for 20 years, 20 weeks or 20 minutes.

Lets break the desire for seduction down to those three phases and see why a woman craves seduction for each phase.

Seduction of a woman you have known 20 minutes.

Your relationship is new and fresh. Like a summer breeze. You really mean nothing to her and she nothing to you. How could you after 20 minutes. So the seduction game is played. As a man you show your confidence and your swagger, you lead the dance of seduction and she follows. Women enjoy this dance because though a man feels like he is in control he really is not. The woman has the power to stop the dance at anytime she wants. She is really in control.

Seduction of a woman you have known 20 weeks.

The freshness of a relationship has worn off by this time. It is at this point that thoughts of how "serious" it might become enter a woman's mind. Do you care? Do you want to be with her forever? Seduction at this point is about showing her that you do still care. Taking the time to let her now that she is still special and you see good things in your future. No commitment yet your feeling toward her is growing and deepening

Seduction of a woman you have known for 20 years.

This is a long time to have been with someone. Little things about each other may constantly grate on you both. Again seduction at this point shows her that even 20 years later you care for her the way you did when you first met. You still find her attractive and want her. You make her feel special.

When a guy is seducing a woman his true feelings come to the surface. He shows her we wants her, he needs her and demonstrated his affection clearly. This can be toxicating to a woman and whether a guy has known a woman 20 minutes or 20 years he should take the time out occasional to bring some passion into the relationship and attempt to seduce his woman.