Why Do Women Break Up With Men? 3 Reasons

Women are a mystery to men. The way their minds work can be more complex than rocket science. Why do they like soap operas? Why do they like drama? Most importantly, why do they break up with a guy who gives them everything they want?

Here are 3 reasons why a woman might break up with a man:

1. He Puts The 'Wuss' In Wussy – This is the stereotypical 'nice guy'. The guy who always tells her he loves her every second of every day. The one who never says anything even slightly cocky or playful, in fear of insulting her. The man who, in a word, sucks up to her.

So why do not women like this? Why do not they like having an adoring fan? Simply put, they find a 'nice guy' boring. He does not make her experience feelings of excitation, surprise, or passion. He's too predictable.

She knows that everything he's going to say or do is to please her. She knows that wherever he's taking her tonight is going to be a place she suggests so that he can please her as much as possible.

Women want a man who will lead them; not the other way around. A man who is strong and confident, who does not feel like he has to impress the lady, is powerful and sexy to a girl.

When a man becomes predictable and dull, she'll likely look elsewhere so that her feelings of excitement can be reignited.

2. He's The Jealous Type – Nothing repels a girl faster than a guy who can not trust her. Not only that, but jealousy reeks of low confidence; a vital ingredient in keeping a woman attracted to you.

For all you guys out there who do get jealous, I feel you. I have also been the jealous type. But it's a catch 22; the motive behind jealousy is to encourage you to protect your girl from other men, so that you can have her to yourself.

However, it usually has the opposite effect; by being jealous you acknowledge that this other guy is a threat, and sometimes better for her than you are. She'll probably pay more attention to him as a result and then you find yourself in a spiral of pain.

Best way to act when you feel jealous? Go somewhere else, go find another girl to chat with, and start talking with her. Do not sulk and start accusing your lover as soon as they're done. If your girl does not think you trust her, she'll be gone. If they're going to cheat on you, they're gone too. Your best bet is to put on a brave face and resist the temptation of interrogating her.

3. He's Not There – One last reason why a girl may leave a man is because he's never there in the first place. If a girl feels lonely for long enough, she'll seek out company. If she can not get it from her lover, she'll be forced to find it with someone else.

Do you spend too much time going out drinking? Playing games? Working? Whatever it is, if you neglect her, she's going to find a guy who gives her all attention she desires.

However, do not go to the other extreme; do not spend every second of your life with her. This will be just as bad in the long run, as she will not have a chance to miss you. Having a balanced life is your best bet, but make sure you spend at least a few hours every time you're with her. These hours are for you and her only.

Of course, these are just the common reasons for how a guy screws up a relationship. But please do not apply any of these to you unless you're sure. Girls can also screw up relationships, and other times both of you will. Some relationships just drift apart.