What Women Need to Know About Yeast Infection During Pregnancy

For women who are not aware, yeast infection during pregnancy is quite common especially during the last trimester. This is a common occurrence because during this period of time, the environment in the vagina encourages and is in fact ideal for yeast growth.

Why is yeast infection during pregnancy more common than other period in your life? As the women's body is preparing for childbirth, sugar levels and acidity in the women's body goes up considerably. To make matters worse, pregnant women usually develop a craving for sugar-rich or food containing white flour (refined carbohydrates which aids the growth of yeast.

Cravings during pregnancy can be difficult to control and pregnant women are traditionally encouraged to satisfy their desires rather than try to control them.

During the period of pregnancy, many women experienced emotional stress which could lead to lower immunity thus increasing the chances of yeast overgrowth.

Symptoms of yeast infection during pregnancy to look out for are:

1. Vaginal burning and itching

2. White, odorless, thick white cottage cheese like discharge

3. Discomfort during or after intercourse.

4. Painful and frequent urination

If you are suffering from one of these symptoms, please do not ignore them because your infection can pass from mother to baby through the birth canal during childbirth or through breastfeeding feeding afterwards. Because of this fact, pregnant women should not be using many of OTC antifungal medications or treatment readily available to others, natural holistic cure is the other alternative and in fact is the best alternative.

Using a natural holistic approach with changes and modifications to your diet and lifestyle is a safe and effective way to stop halt all types of yeast infections in their tracks and prevent them from re-occurring. It does not only take care of your yeast infection during pregnancy but for the rest of your life too.