What Women Look For in Men

We've come a long way from the time when survival of the species is a primary concern and women choose men based on their good genes and ability to protect them and their off springs. Or have we?

Although women no longer have to depend on men for survival, the qualities that the modern woman looks for in men remain the same. Unconsciously, we are still evaluated based on qualities that determine how well we can ensure the physical survival of our family.

This information is vital when you want to guarantee making a positive first impression. The first few seconds when we approach a woman and make our introduction is all that is needed for women to make a quick assessment of our sexual attractiveness.

Here's a list of what women look for in men and how we can use this to our advantage:

o Physical attractiveness
This signals to the woman that the man has good genes. While we can not change our appearance, or at least not very easily, there are a lot of ways to make improvements in this area. Wear appropriate clothing. Invest in a pair of good shoes. Observe good personal hygiene. Have a favorite hair stylist to help you create your look. If you look comfortable and well put together, you'll nail this part very easily.

o Youth and vitality
This tells the woman that the man is likely to live long enough to protect her and their family. She's going to be looking at how energetic and lively you are. Subconsciously, she's going to be looking at whether your skin and hair are glowing or if your eyes are bright or if your muscles are toned. My advice here? Exercise. It's good for your health and for getting the girls.

o Wealth
This signals to the woman that you have enough resources to ensure your family's survival. Do not worry, she's not going to ask you for your bank book just yet. What she will do is watch out for signs that you possess adequate resources that can support a family. It's always a good idea to wear a nice timepiece and a pair of good shoes when going out because they make you appear. When you're in a club, buying her a drink is also a way for you to subconsciously communicate this quality.

o Confidence
This sends a signal to the woman that you are in the upper tier of your class. Women find confidence extremely attractive because it shows that a man has a lot of strong qualities overall and this makes him a man that other men respect and that other women want to have. We have to remember that while men compete for the sexiest and most attractive women, women are likewise in competition for the top male. Make sure you exhibit confident top male body language whenever you are interacting with your target woman.

o Social Influence
Women evaluate social influence by how popular the man is and how wide his social circle extends to. A wider social circle means that he is well respected by a lot of people. In the woman's mind, a wide social circle equates to the man having a lot of amazing qualities, making him top of class in a lot of different groups of people. The ability to gain the confidence of a lot of people is good for survival. That's why it's important to show that you can easily interact with a lot of different kids of people – both men and women – so that your target woman will see that you have high social value.

o Emotional intelligence (EI)
Life is filled with a lot of uncertainties and the ability to adapt to different situations is important for survival. This is where emotional intelligence comes in. Women evaluate EI based on how well you carry yourself and how well you react to your surroundings. It is also demonstrated by how well you can recover from unflattering situations. To score highly in this area, do not try too hard to please your target woman because this will make you uptight and tense. What you need to do is feel secure, keep your cool and learn to take things in stride.