What Things to Say to a Woman (To Make Her Fall For You)

Sweet talking was Casanova’s way of getting women to love him absolutely and helplessly. Women swoon at sweet words and they sigh when told something that touches them deeply. But not all sweet talk lines are effective.

There are some that really smack of cheesiness. This kind of mushy, cheesy talk is something that women hate. Why? In a while I’m going to tell you the reason why women hate cheesy guys. First, you have to let go of the thinking that words will do the job for you. It’s going to be your personality that will make the words matter. Simply put, it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it.

Here are Some Romantic Lines She Will Like

1. “I will love you forever.” If you’re holding her face in your hands while you’re saying this, it will work. Some guys overdo it, so make sure you don’t. Say it without dramatics, like you would say anything that you believe is true. Say it like you’re telling her about how great your mom is or how you’ve always wanted to find someone who will love you back.

2. “My future looks a lot brighter with you in it.”  Commitment. Girls love commitment. They don’t want one night stands or flings, regardless of how much they claim this. This line will make her swoon because it means security and devotion. Who hasn’t heard of boyfriends leaving girlfriends behind because of commitment issues? Bust her doubts about your willingness to commit using this line.

3. “How can I be this lucky?” Saying this is a humbling experience, and it will show her that you’re also feeling the magic. People have always wondered about fated meetings and soul mates, and you can bet she has been thinking of that, secretly or otherwise, too.