What Mature Women Dating Should Do and Not Do on a First Date

It's only natural to feel apprehensive when you are going on a first date with someone and it is even more scary if you are a mature woman dating someone new for the first time in possibly over 20 years or so. It is a well known fact that a lot of mature women can find themselves dating someone that they have known for some time and this can sometimes be an advantage and sometimes not.

Below are a few tips that should stand you in good stead to begin your mature dating journey.

1.Try and spend some time looking forward to the date by having some "me time" with a long relaxing bath and some of your favorite music. Dress in clothes to suit the time of day and the venue. Wear clothes that you feel comfortable and that accentuate some of your best features. For example if you have blue eyes then wear something blue that will bring out the lovely color of your eyes. Don 't wear anything too revealing, after all these first few dates are all about you getting to know and feel comfortable with another man. There will be plenty of time later in your relationship for revealing clothes.

2. Always meet your new date in a public place and get to know him before taking him home to meet the family. It can be best to meet at a lunchtime at the very beginning simply because it can be a lot easier to make your excuses and leave, if you are not getting on as well as you might have hoped. Additionally it takes away any worries that you may have as to whether or not to invite him back for a coffee at the end of the evening.

3. Leave any baggage at home. This can be difficult if you are having a date with someone who knew your ex but try to steer the conversation away from him. The last thing a man wants is to date a woman who is bad mouthing another guy that he actually likes, neither does he want to keep hearing references to what a perfect man her deceased husband was. Keep the conversation light and chat about every day topics such hobbies and interests or current affairs.