Wedding Vows As Special As Your Love

Your Wedding Vows are an integral part of your ceremony as you will be pledging not only your love and commitment to another person 'til death do you part, but you will be voting this solemn vow in front of your family, friends and the rest of the world. How and what you say in your vows should be as unique as the love that you and your spouse will share for eternity.

There are many ways you can approach your wedding vows. Here are some ideas to help you come up with what you want your wedding vows to say, based on the type of relationship you have.

If you are a traditional couple, you may want to stick to the traditional vows that have been spoken by generations of married couples in your family. After all, they worked for your parents, grandparents and others who have been happily married for many years. Why change something that's stood the test of time?

If you are a spiritual couple, you may choose to incorporate some meaningful versions or spiritual phrases in your vows to give them added dimension. For example, Christians often quote the beautiful words of 1 Corinthians Verse 13 that says "Love is Patient, Love is Kind …" or you may choose the very lovely Jewish verse of "With this ring, you are made holy to me, for I love you as my soul. " There are hundreds of different types of religious versa that can be included in your vows, so choose one that is both meaningful and powerful to you both.

If you are a modern couple, you may be looking for something less traditional or something that speaks about your feelings of equality or of your deep friendship as a couple. Take out phrases like "To obey or to serve" and you will get the idea. This is a wonderful choice for same-sex couples as well as heterosexual mates.

If you are a couple that has been together for many years or if you are renewing your vows, you may be looking for a special set of wedding vows that will have a great meaning. You may want to include a special memory or something that was significant in your lives together to honor in your wedding vows, such as the birth of children, any events that were special or extra.

There are literally thousands of different ways to state your wedding vows. If you are overwhelmed, start by jotting down some things that are important to you, give you those feelings of romance and love and allow a skillful wedding vow writer to do the work of piecing together a wonderful set of wedding vows that will convey the true feelings of your heart. You will have a cherished memory and vows that you will keep for many years to come.