Wedding Tips and Ideas

1. Before your wedding, take time out to write out individual jobs for your wedding helpers on small postcards. Leave them in the (hopefully) capable hands of your best man/maid of honour and let him/her distribute them on the day, leaving you to get on with the more serious work of being pampered and enjoying your champagne breakfast!

2. Lots of people worry about using songs in the church which aren’t hymns. It’s worth remembering that as you walk up the aisle, the mass hasn’t officially started, and it ends before you sign the register and exit. There are some beautiful contemporary songs which have just the right sentiment for these parts of your day and most priests are okay with that when they’re chosen in good taste. Think about songs that mean a lot to you – you might be surprised. The most sacred part of the mass is the offertory/communion and it’s always nice to use traditional hymns here.

3. When booking your evening entertainment, make sure to allow for speeches, clearing the room after the meal, and the band set-up. For example if you have a band booked to play from 8pm till 11pm, They’ll be there to set up at about 7pm, but if they can’t get into the room, your night’s entertainment is cut short… for a typical 6pm dinner serving, 9.30 is a good start time for your band.

4. If there are particular groups of people you’d like to have a photo taken with on the day eg: school/ college friends/workmates etc. entrust someone responsible ie: best man/maid of honour to round them up at some point and bring them to you with the photographer. You’ll be so busy trying to get round everyone that you’d never get to do this yourself, but you’ll be so glad to have that special photo.

5. Before ordering flowers for the church, check if there is any other couple getting married in your church on the same day or next day, maybe you could contact them and suggest planning together to cut down on the costs.

6. If you’re on a tight budget, you might consider booking your wedding on a Monday – Thursday. Lots of companies can offer more competitive prices on these days because they’re not as much in demand as Friday or Saturday.

7. When searching for the perfect dress, don’t rule out buying a simple white/cream evening dress and having it customized to your taste, it’s amazing what you can come up with…

8. If you’re handy with the computer, why not have a bash at doing your own invitations at home.

9. Why drive yourself crazy? if you see what you want, if it fits your budget, if it fits your body, buy it! Save time avoid headaches and trust your instinct. Don’t second guess and torture yourself by going on a mission to check out every other shop in the country – just in case. If you think the first or second dress you try on is ‘the one’, chances are – it is.

10. Wedding booklets with a perforated response card let your guests in on the fun! Ask guests to write down a favorite memory of you, their favorite part of your wedding ceremony or some “marriage advice” (serious or funny) on the cards. Before the meal, they can hand the cards to the best man or drop them in a basket on the top table – some of the best ones can be read during the speeches and can be very entertaining!