Wedding Photographers

Weddings are a magical, joyous occasion celebrating the love that is shared between two people. It is built on love and trust and signifies the truest form of commitment. This is the one day that will be eternally captured in your soul and make every bride the most beautiful woman in the world. It is the day that many girls dream about their whole lives. Your wedding ceremony and reception is the one truly momentous occasion that will be forever cherished and remembered. Choosing the right wedding photographer is essential if you are to fully capture the essence of your special day. In order to capture these memories for a lifetime, here are a few tips you should know for selecting wedding photographers.

Wedding Portfolio

After finding a style that suits you and your groom, try to find at least three wedding photographers in your area that are available for your wedding day. Once you find out they are available for your nuptials, make sure they are all using professional grade camera equipment. To find this out, you could view their online portfolio or ask them what types of cameras they use for wedding shoots.


All professional wedding photographers have a standard wedding price whenever it's listed on their website or not. They may say that they provide custom packages at all rates, but the fact is that they do need to make a set income to stay in the wedding photography business, be it part time or full time. A lot of wedding photography companies will have 3-5 set wedding packages that couples can choose from. The prices of these packages can vary from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars, depending on the wedding photography company and what is included in the package price.


Your wedding photographer will need to know all non-traditional wedding details, as well as photography restrictions. If you are having a non-traditional wedding ceremony, theme wedding, or casual wedding, make sure your wedding photographer knows this so he can be prepared. If you are having speakers during your ceremony, or any special announcements at your wedding reception, your photographer should know the full day's schedule before the wedding.

Your wedding photographer will be shooting all your wedding pictures from the beginning to the end of your ceremony and needs to know everything. Even the little things like parent separations, and guest surprises should be divulged to your photographer.

Since your wedding photographer is with you from the beginning of the ceremony to the end of your reception, make sure he is provided with a seat and a meal! During your meal, he will most likely eat as well. Photos of people eating at your wedding are not a highlight that newlyweds would find too interesting to remember. During this time, no events are happening and it would be a good time for your wedding photographer to take a break.


The right wedding photographer will let the day flow and capture the real emotions that define the true atmosphere of your wedding and make you just as happy as the day you were married when you look at your wedding album weeks, months, and even years after.