Wedding Hair Dos

When getting married, the expense of the day can sometimes go through the roof. Accessories for the bride and bridesmaids alone, can be costly. Hair slides in many designs have become particularly popular for weddings today, ranging from simple, to way out dramatic. Having them professionally made to your requirements is an easy option but can be very costly.

Wedding Hair Dos are not what they used to be – what has changed?

Many brides previously used tiaras or a simple flower as their main head piece on their wedding day. This trend though has now changed to more simple wedding accessories .

If you wish to create your own bespoke design here are a few tips, taken from when I designed and made my own for my big day:

First I visualized what I basically wanted them to look like. I wanted to incorporate feathers and colored stones in the design, which kept in line with my wedding theme . Then I went shopping to my local craft shop. I purchased plain plastic comb slides, gold colored thin decorative ribbon, and some decorative amber colored stones which come on a gold wire. All of these items are available in a wide range of color and design. I also bought fine craft feathers in cream and soft gold, enough to achieve the height I wanted in the headpiece.

Firstly, I cut the comb to the size I wanted, glued the first end of ribbon using craft glue to the very edge of the comb, then proceeded to wrap the ribbon through each tooth and around the stem of the comb to cover the revealed plastic . Before you reach the end of the comb place the desired amount of feathers between the entwined ribbon. Make sure you have achieved the final shape desired before gluing down the end of the ribbon to the comb slide. Cut off any access ribbon.

Now, using the wired stones, wrap these around the base of the feathers to achieve the final result. Do not be afraid to play around with this to achieve your desired design. By wrapping the colored stones upon each other other a flower shape can be made. Try the comb in your hair to make sure no plastic is showing.

I also purchased a plain childs' hairband and using the same ribbon and stones, created a matching headband for my flower-girl. The stones were also used in my bridesmaid bouquets . It's amazing what you can do with simple craft items!

The simple but elegant design should have you looking like a star of your wedding day .