Wedding Guest Book and Pen Sets

Your wedding guests are obviously a very important part of your celebration, without them there is simply no party at all. So it's logical that you want to remember each and every person that came to support you on your special day so that you can give them a personal thank you for all the things that they've done to help you enter into your marriage. That's why a guest book and pen set is a very important part of your wedding because it allows you to have a little something personal from each guest that came to celebrate with you. Have each guest sign the guestbook when they come into the reception and drop off their cards or gifts with their many warm and well meant words inside. Having a guestbook at your wedding reception is a great way to keep in touch with all your guests after the party has ended and you can then send each and every one a personal thank you card or call them up just to talk about the memories you shared on the magical night of your event. Try picking a guestbook and pen set that not only fits well with your theme but also enhances your theme with its elegance and stylized beauty. In addition to being a great addition to your special celebration, a guestbook makes a fantastic keepsake from your wedding that you can peruse years later and see all the special people in your lives that care about you and support you in your growing love for your new spouse. This can even become something that you put on display in a special place in your home and can share when you entertain guests at your home or share with your children in the years to come after your wedding day event.

All Occasion Lavender Guest Book:

The beautiful pastel lavender color of this book makes it the perfect accent at many celebrations and social events, not just weddings. The simple cover has the classic phrase of "Best Wishes". Your guests will surely love signing this book for you especially when they see a special pen standing next it. The cover is embellished with multiple hearts to remind everyone of the reason you're having such a special celebration.

With All My Heart Guest Book:

This lovely white satin guest book has sixty four pages and room for over eight hundred guests to sign in and leave you a very special personal message. The cover has a white satin sash that compliments the all white silk fabric covering on the durable book. The most attractive part of this guestbook is the rhinestone double heart brooch that symbolizes the bond that you and your spouse have entered into this timeless day of joy and celebration.

Seaside Jewels Pen Set:
This pen set will go perfectly with a beach themed wedding, which is something that has become a very fashionable idea at contemporary weddings. This pen is set in a classy base of sea shells and beach imagery which brings the calm of the ocean and the warmth of sunny beach sand right into your wedding. Your guests will feel very cheerful as they sign their names and offer you their best wishes in a matching guestbook with this wonderfully whimsical pen that shows your personality and love of the calming atmosphere that the beach can engulf you with.