Wedding Favors 101 – Things You Need to Know

The bride and groom's way of telling the people how grateful they are for their attendance in their nuptials is the bestowing of the so called wedding favors. More often than not, these are keepsakes that have a special worth to the couple. Examples would be small samples of the bride's favorite spotted lotion to be given to female guests and a cigarette lighter for men with a logo of the basketball team the groom is rooting for. Usually, these souvenirs can come in one form, anything that may be significant to the newlyweds such as dove pair figurines with special messages from the happy couple.

These 'thank you gifts' actually serve as forms of remembrance about the special day shared with the pair. Choosing what kind to give, of course, is important and should at least reflect the personal styles of the wedded people. Take note, too, that for simple ceremonies, select down-to-earth remembrances; for extravagant parties, choose lavish mementos.

There are many types of giveaways available, but it may be best to go for the traditional kind. This is because they seem to never go out of style and will certainly be appreciated by everyone. A good example is a flower basket that may contain fragrant potpourri or delicious chocolates that will be a big hit to each and every individual who came to the event.

If you want something unique, it is definitely your choice, especially since we now live in a very modern world. You and your partner may choose not to be bound by tradition. You can give anything from CDs with your relationship theme songs, framed mosaic pictures of the two of you — the list actually goes on. Remember though that you have to be creative and at the same time see to it that what you distribute will be loved by your guests.

In the event that your marriage ceremony has a theme, you may choose to customize what you'll give to the guests in appreciation of the fact that they celebrated with you. Their colors may match the motif that you have, or the shades of the bags where they are placed may match the overall color scheme of your rites. They may also be in accord with the event topic, for example, for a celebration on the beach, ornamental seashells may be handed out. Do not fail to remember the need to add your message of thanks to make them more meaningful.

Couples should also not forget to order everything in advance as soon as they have made a choice of what items to give. Most of the providers may be busy or fully booked, especially during peak marriage months. The ideal time for the tokens to arrive is a day or two before your rehearsal dinner.

Wedding favors are not only a way of expressing gratitude to your guests. They are also important reminders of one of the most important days of your life that has been shared by friends, family, and acquaintances who joined you.