Wedding DVDs Make For A Picture-Perfect Reception

Wedding DVDs are becoming increasingly popular for a variety of reasons. DVDs can teach you how to master your first dance or guide you through planning the entire event. And making wedding DVDs of your ceremony and reception is a great way to share your special day with friends and family for a lifetime.

Get Your Groove On

If your first priority is perfecting that first dance, you might want to check out the popular DVD series "DanceCrazy". DanceCrazy's Wedding Dance Mastery System can make your wedding day even more special and exciting within a few practice session. This series includes a comprehensive instructional guide to your first wedding dance, and your first dance as husband and wife. DanceCrazy's Wedding DVDs are for even the complete beginner to partner dancing. And who knows, you could become the next YouTube stars!

Guided Wedding Planning

If you are having trouble finding a good wedding planning book, videos or DVDs are another option. Certain aspects of the planning process benefit from video, like seeing clips of actual weddings and receptions. This can be especially helpful if you are planning a wedding in a resort location so you can preview the setting before making your final decisions. And did you know that many popular wedding and honeymoon resort locations like Disney World will send you a DVD for free?

Filming The Special Day

If you plan to have your ceremony and reception recorded, capturing directly on to DVD or converting the video is an excellent idea. But first of all, note that wedding DVDs are not intended to replace your use of a professional wedding photographer, nor do they need to capture the entire ceremony. No two albums or wedding DVDs are exactly alike, in the same way that no two brides are exactly alike. So just like your professional photographs, your wedding DVD should have considered a work of art that will help keep your dreams alive.

Advantages Over Videotapes

DVDs last longer than videotapes and with their built-in interactivity you'll be able to see the part where Aunt Flossie loses her shoe doing The Funky Rooster without having to watch or fast forward through the whole thing! DVDs are also chapter-headed, so that each part of your special day can be viewed in any order you want. They may also be played on a standard PC with a DVD drive and viewing software, which is typically included. DVDs are also much easier to make copies of than videotapes as long as you have the right equipment and software on your computer.

Whether you already have wedding books to help with your planning, wedding DVDs can make an excellent supplement. As far as dance instruction, the "DanceCrazy" series is rated as being almost as good as live dance classes. And for the sake of posterity, modern and long-life DVDs are the best way to share your ceremony and reception with family and friends for years to come.