Wedding Dresses – Types You Can Choose From

Every woman waits for the day when she would become a bride and walk the isle of in a blessed church with her beloved soul mate. It’s every woman’s dream to find herself wearing the most beautiful and elegant wedding dress. A wedding gown can be considered to be one of the most essential things for a bride. It could take her weeks to decide on the type of wedding dress that would make her look at her best!

However, in this article we are mainly going to concentrate on the different types of wedding dresses that the bride and her family can choose from. Here are some of them –

Ball wedding gowns – This type of gowns are classic in style and traditional. They come with full skirts and a bodice fitting to the body. Ball bridal gowns are best fitted for those who are pear shaped, thin or full figured. These gowns often come with beaded laces.

Mermaid shaped bridal dresses – As the name suggests, these dresses are shaped in the form of a mermaid. This type is completely fitted from the top till the knees. They widen out from the knees. In other words such dresses are fishtailed which look extremely elegant especially on brides who are not exactly skinny but have a figure which can be shown off. These dresses can be flaunted extremely well and are one-of-a kind.

Wedding gowns ‘princess’ style – This type of wedding gowns are classic in nature too. They have tapered tops and flared skirts. These types are perfect for brides who are heavy on the waist and hips. Wearing such gowns tend to flatten the bride and makes her look sleek. The princess style wedding dresses come in different designs like embroidery and beads. So, why not flaunt one such bridal dress and go looking like an absolute princess!

Bridal gowns the empire waist style – This is a type of dress which is fitted till the waist and rest of it falls straight. The dresses are extremely traditional and have remained popular since many years. This dress suits those with a smaller bust. These kinds of dresses are also fitted for women who have less than perfect body.