Wedding Budget – Your Wedding Budget – Setting It and Sticky to It

With the average wedding costing somewhere in the vicinity of $ 30,000, it's important to have a set budget in mind and stick to it when planning your big day. A wedding is one of the most important, exciting times in one's life, a time that we all want to be absolutely perfect down to the last detail. But this does not mean you have to spend a fortune to have the wedding of your dreams. Here are five ways to keep your budget under control but still enable you to have what you want.

The Budget

As soon as you are engaged, it's time to set the budget and start planning for the wedding. A realistic budget is one that allows room for any unexpected expenses. Devote 25% toward the little extras that you were not planning on to ensure you do not go over that set figure.

The Dress

When shopping for your wedding dress, skip the wedding department and search for that perfect dress without going to a bridal salon. If a dress is labeled as a "bridal" gown, the price is significantly higher than it would be for a similar dress not intended for a bride. There are many prom dresses that look remarkably like bridal gowns in colors such as cream, ivory, white, and beige. Likewise, prom dresses are also excellent substitutes for bridesmaid's gowns, and usually go on sale in the beginning of June after prom season is over.

Also, check the internet and your local newspapers for advertisements for used or even brand new gowns, as weddings sometimes do get cancelled.

The Flowers

Flowers are a beautiful part of any wedding ceremony, however, it is true that they do only last for so long, which is why many bride's are choosing to spend more of their budgets on other things such as the photographers or the music. Instead of heading to the local florist, consider other creative ways of having beautiful flowers but without paying a fortune. There are many internet florists that charge a fraction of the cost traditional florists do, just be sure you're dealing with a reputable company and know exactly how and when the flowers will be delivered.

Many supermarkets have gorgeous flower departments that charge no where near the prices you'd pay in a flower shop. Almost everyone knows someone with some craft skills, enlist the help of friends and family to create your own bouquets, boutonnières, and decorative flower displays.

The Venue

If you're having a fall, spring, or summer wedding, consider changing vows in an outdoor setting in a location such as a local park. Many parks charge a nominal fee for wedding ceremonies and offer plenty of outdoor space with gorgeous, natural background settings. This way nature helps to decorate without having to spend extra money on flowers.

There are many museums and historic places that allow wedding ceremonies who also charge very little for the privilege.

The Cake

Instead of devoting a large portion of your wedding budget to the cake, why not opt ​​for a smaller, but just as beautifully decorated cake for the reception, and have a sheet cakes cut into pieces for the guests.