Wedding Anniversary Poems – A Perfect Gift

Are you and your spouse celebrating your 50 years together in a Golden Anniversary? 25 years in a Silver Anniversary? One year in a Paper Anniversary? Congratulations. In contemporary American society, only 45% of marriages last. Take this occasion to renew your commitment to each other with wedding anniversary poems that encourage you to stay on the journey together.

Married couples that practice a spiritual dimension and who attend church together tend to have a longer and happier marriage. When they take their wedding vows, they promise to be faithful to each other and to include God through their own lives. So, using inspirational wedding anniversary sayings can help renew those vows in a fresh and more meaningful way.

Why fresh and more meaningful? A long-term, successful married relationship includes many hours, days, weeks and years of routine, habitual ways of communicating with each other. After thirty years of marriage research, Dr. John Gottmann discovered that long-term marriages are strengthened when spouses expressively express fondness and admiration to each other. Writing and reading wedding anniversary poetry allow a husband and wife to share their personal feelings in a unique, fresh and more meaningful way.

One of the best wedding anniversary gifts that couples can give each other are personal wedding anniversary poems that share heart-felt emotion. These poems may be as simple as: "Roses are red, violets are blue, I am so happy that I married you" to sonnets, books, and letters. Poems do not have to rhyme. Consider these three tips for writing a poem to your spouse on your anniversary day.

First, identify the best and happiest moments of your marriage. Close your eyes and relive the memory. Then, write down the highlights, the details and the positive feelings of those moments. Think of what your spouse was like at the time of your memory. How did she look? What did he do? Was there a sparkle in his eye? Were her smile and wink exciting? Write down every detail. Choose one memory from the list and rewrite it on a new sheet of paper (or use your word processor.)

Second, take that second sheet of paper with the one memory. Ask yourself what that moment meant to you. Write down your thoughts and feelings. Fast forward to today. What do those thoughts and feelings mean to you now? Get your pen out and record what you think now. Compare the two lists and circle the most moving phrases and words.

Third, write out and arrange the most moving phrases and words into several lines that make up your wedding anniversary poetry. Be natural and be yourself. If you can work in rhyming, go ahead. Keep working on the words until they tell your spouse a short love story about the memory that meant so much to you. In a sense, you are giving away a piece of your heart which is worth more than any wedding anniversary gift you can buy. Take that poem and print or write it on a sheet of fine stationery or in an anniversary card.

Wedding anniversary poems are a perfect gift you can share with your spouse. The cost is your time and willingness to share your heart. The effect on your spouse is priceless. All you need now are examples and inspiration to write.