Types of Two Tone Wedding Bands!

Wedding rings are an integral part of marriage plans. Couples invest a lot of time and effort to choose the right type of wedding ring. After all, there are so many options that you are bound to get confused. Amidst the many existing varieties, two tone wedding rings are emerging as a popular choice. Yes! An increased number of couples are opting for two toned rings. The simple reason for this growing popularity is the versatility in design associated with the two toned rings. The two toned rings are simple yet elegant and look absolutely classy enhancing the beauty of your fingers. It is this simplicity that makes them a growing preference among soon to be weded couples.

Here is a brief preview of different types of two toned wedding rings

The simple bands

Most of us are familiar with the simple wedding bands. However, the two tone wedding bands are several notches above. The combination of two different metals even in a simple design make a two tone wedding ring look far more classier when compared to the plain bands. In fact, the simpler versions of two tone wedding bands are an easy way to differentiate your ring from the usual crowd.

The textured option

This is an improvement of the simple two tone wedding band in which you can opt for textured design to enhance the look of your ring. The textured design pattern could easily be chosen from the hundreds of options available with your jeweler. In fact, you can also customize this part of the design by adding a personal touch.

Designer bands

If you are a fashion freak and a fan of designer stuff, opt for two tone rings with unique designs. This may cost a little extra but it is totally worth the pleasure that you will get flaunting off your priced possession. Most jewelers will be happy to cater to your demand.

Ask for studded stones

Choosing two tone wedding rings does not mean that you have to forget the sparkle. Yes! You can still get your favorite stones embedded in the ring. Whilst there are many stones to choose from, we would recommend a diamond studded ring for those who want to add a tint of glamor to the original design.

Combination of metals

Usually, when we talk about two tone rings, most people restrict their imagination to the usage of gold and silver. But, you can combine more than two metals and get really cool color tones to make your ring look even more appealing.