Types of Bridal Shower and Wedding Shower Favors

Bridal showers and wedding shower favors are dedicated to the people you keenly choose to attend the showers. The group you invite consists of the best of your friends thus you must treat them to the most memorable experience of their lives. Due to either cash shortage or your personal wish to exhibit your capability you can refuse to hire anyone to prepare the shower and ‘do it yourself’, otherwise buy them from third parties. The favors in this case can range from edibles, carry homes or favors enjoyed on site. No matter which type you choose, make them to be the best possible.

If the favors are edible as chocolates, cakes, drinks or other eatables do them right! Poor presentation and preparation can ruin everything, and having in mind these are things to be consumed other repercussions can follow as food poisoning and unconsumable products due spoilage, wrong preparation or wrong timing. Food favors must be made according to the standard menus available in recipe books, garnished and presented in the most appealing way. If they are very perishable they should not have passed their expiry date. When choosing the edible favors to give consider the following; the diverse religious alignments of the guests, that is Moslems, Jews, Christian, Hindu and many others, ages, social classes, price, preparation needs and the events venue.

Other gifts are not to be enjoyed at the events venue as wedding or bridal shower videos, bottle stoppers, photo frame, maker up holders and many others. These favors must be well chosen to fit the individuality of the guest and sometimes it is important to divide them according to sex and age as; some for the men and women, old and the young. They should be wrapped to illustrate their value to the giver and the receiver. Other factors as the cost, delivery, presentation, theme, personality of the couple and the venue décor must be put into consideration on top of their viability. In this class of favors there can be a sub-segment which involves the favors being sent to the guests after the ceremony. In this case accuracy of addresses must be maintained so that the gifts reach the intended people. The cost of the postage is a major factor thus venue presentation is the best.

Another type of favor is that which is enjoyed at the venue; you may decide to give collective appearance by a celebrity as a musician who would rock the party with some of his or her hit, a politician or any other famous personality. Other performance by friends and hired entertainers is also acceptable but they must be people the guest love, cherish and long to see them perform. Magicians, acrobats, poets, comedians, writers and many other can be included in you program to make the guests yearn to stay longer.

These are not the only bridal shower and wedding shower presents you can give your guests but are tens of other types. You choice would be individual signifying your identity and capability. The availability of funds, space, gifts, time, labor and other crucial factors dictate the degree of your shower’s success. Precaution should be taken to make sure that everything is in order and the guests have little or nothing to complain about all through the shower.