Top 9 Tips To Date Very Attractive Women

Treat her like she’s nothing special

Talk to her like you would any other person. Don’t act awestruck by her looks, don’t gush out compliments and never stare at her with lust. Reduce the intimidation factor. Be debonair. Seem aloof, as if you don’t care about her looks. Whatever you do, don’t assume she doesn’t want to talk to you.

Don’t hit on her

This is what she expects from the typical guy, so just make like you’re ignoring her. This is a great technique to use if you run into Very Attractive Women on a routine basis at work, a coffee shop, or a health club. If you don’t give her any attention — while openly paying attention to other women — she won’t be able to stand it because you’ll be the only guy within a hundred miles who isn’t drooling over her. With luck, she’ll be intrigued. Avoid pickup lines at all costs.

Tease her

Very Attractive Women can sense fear and insecurity the way a moth smells pheromones, so be light, fun, and entertaining. Boyish charm can take you a long way with these women — many of the great-looking guys they date can be seriously personality-challenged.

Talk about her interests & passions

Stimulate her mind, as other guys probably don’t. Show interest on her intellect. Make her comfortable. Play on your good aspects, and not your looks — but don’t lie to impress her.

Don’t compliment her

Don’t put her on a pedestal; she’s used to hearing praise. If you do give her a minimal compliment, follow up with something off-putting. For example, “That’s a nice dress; my sister has the same one.” This says she has good fashion style, but that she’s not entirely original.

Tell her she’s not up to your standards

Tell her you’d like to ask her out, but she’s just not up to your usual standards (watch her jaw hit the floor). If you really want to throw her, steal her thunder and tell her that you think you should be just friends.

Wait a little while to call her

If you get her phone number, wait at least a week to call her — and then tell her you’ll try to fit a date with her into your schedule.

Don’t push for sex

She knows she’s got the goods, so when you’re out with her, she expects you to be a horndog. Make her wait. It will drive her crazy.

Run hot & cold

If you haven’t gone out with her yet, be extremely friendly, and follow it up with a period of aloofness. Or date her a couple of times, then drop her cold (with every intention of starting back up again). She’ll be stunned.

The idea is to keep her off-balance, intrigued and guessing — make her want to spend time with you just because you’re so different from any other guy out there. Just remember: Don’t let your guard down and start going wimpy on her — the very second she thinks she’s in control of you, it’s all over.

So by being different, by bringing a little refreshing change into the life of Very Attractive Women, you might be surprised — it might just be the breath of fresh air she’s been looking for.

Sure, it’s no magic charm, and it’s certainly not going to work every time. Trying to score a date with Very Attractive Women is definitely a numbers game. But all it takes is one, and if you pull it off, you’re going to be in for the sweetest ride of your life.