Top 5 Wedding Favors and Why

For many wedding receptions, the bride and groom will usually offer some kind of small remembrances as their way of showing appreciation to friends and family.These
small remembrances are commonly called wedding favors.

There is a wide variety to choose from, but some are considered to be better options than others.

Wedding favors do not need to have a high price tag. Sometimes, the bride may choose to handcraft her wedding favors. It is good to keep in mind that the main objective of the wedding favor is to show your family and friends that you are thankful for their help and that you were honored to have them attend your wedding.

In order to give you a little help, the five top wedding favors are listed below:

  1. Food – This is a very popular type of wedding favor just because many people like to eat. A great choice for your wedding that would be both inexpensive and easily made would be to buy little favor boxes. You could then line them with some tissue paper. After that, place some chocolate covered nuts or Oreo cookies inside of the box and tie it off with ribbon that matches your wedding colors. Everyone will enjoy the nice little gift box, but more than that, they will enjoy the goodies that the box holds.
  2. Flower plant – The second choice out of the five top wedding favors is some seeds or a small plant. With this favor, you can allow your creative juices to flow. One or two of ideas that are worth mentioning are placing a small cacti or plant in a little planter. To further personalize this favor, both the men and women in the wedding party could meet for lunch and afterwards decorate the planters with lace, ribbon, paint, etc. Another idea is to choose a plain glass container; then you will add a few different packages of seeds that have been tied with ribbon that match your wedding colors. These are much appreciated favors because once they are planed they serve as a remembrance of your wedding day.
  3. Fragrant soap – A third choice of the top five wedding favors would be some fragrant soap. Your guests will love these items because the fragrance that these give off will remind them of your wedding day for some time to come.
  4. Candles – The fourth out of the five top wedding favors that you will not go wrong with are votive candles. These are enjoyed by both women and men. You can purchase these wedding favors from a hobby or craft store or even on the Web. They are very popular items!
  5. Pewter – The last of the top wedding favors is either silver or pewter. You will discover a variety of options such as paperweights, picture frames and bottle openings. There are a great many wedding favors to choose from including small bottles of wine and golf balls and tees that would be ideal for the sports fans. Your wedding guests will be sure to enjoy these things because they are repeating mementos of your wedding day.