Top 5 Reasons You Should Wear Organic Cotton Clothing

When you wear that cotton t-shirt, did you ever think how it came about?

Yes, it came from a store, which got it from a factory, which made it from cotton, which was grown on farms around the world.

In the farm, one third a pound of chemicals are used to grow enough cotton for that one t-shirt alone. In manufacturing, far more chemicals. By switching to organic cotton, you reduce the amount of pesticides, insecticides and herbicides used in farming.

Less demand for regular cotton and more demand for organic cotton would lead to more organic cotton being produces, with a large reduction of pollution due to pesticides, herbicides and chemicals in cotton farming. Formaldehyde.

Here are 5 reasons to use organic cotton instead.

1. Reduce Allergies To Chemicals
If you are sensitive to chemicals, go organic.
Think of the chemical residue in your cotton clothing and bedding, from cotton farming and the manufacturing process. Your skin can absorb toxic substances from the clothes you wear and the bedding you sleep on. With organic cotton, the risk of allergies is minimalized.

2. Relieve the global water shortage
Cotton not only uses one third the irrigation water worldwide, chemical residues from regular cotton farming pollute rivers.

3. Stop poisoning the food we eat
90% of the chemicals used in cotton farming goes to the air, water and soil. These go into the vegetables we eat and to the crops that feed animals which are farmed for their meat or milk or eggs.

4. Stop poisoning the cotton workers
Cotton pickers are exposed to harmful pesticides used in regular cotton farming. In third world countries, it is not uncommon for pregnant women and even children to work as cotton pickers. Symptoms can range from headaches to cancer.

5. Protect the eco system
When the rivers, air and soil are poisoned, plants and animals are affected. On top of that, pests build immunity to the insecticides and stronger chemicals have to be used as time goes on. By using natural means to control the pests (organic cotton farming uses secondary crops and other natural means to control pests, bypassing the need for harmful chemicals), we prevent this problem from spiraling out of control.

A better bet is organic cotton which is grown through sustainable means, and is safer for the environment.

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