Things Women Love in Bed! Easy Ways to Drive a Girl Wild Between the Sheets

If you want to drive a woman absolutely wild in bed then you will definitely want to read this. Most men believe that their penis size will measure the amount of excitation a woman has in the bedroom. This is absolutely wrong. Read on to learn how you can really make her crazy for you.

1. Tons of Variation

Variation is good and bad depending on the time. For the most part, you need to be giving her tons of variation. This includes different positions, thrusting movements, and speeds. The variation will keep her engaged in sex. Trust me, women actually have a fairly short attention span in the bedroom.

Just as well, you DO NOT want to vary your moves when she is coming close to having an orgasm. At that point it is best to keep the motion and power of your threats consistent.

2. Talk to Her

Women want you to talk in bed. It's either that, or they feel like they're having sex with a ninja or something.

This does not necessarily mean you need to talk dirty to her or anything. All it means is that you simply need to say SOMETHING. The best things are usually the most simple. Tell her how good she is making you feel and let her know how sexy she is.

3. Oral Sex

This one actually tops the list when it comes to what women want in bed. I have never been with a woman who didnt want oral sex. In fact, there are women who enjoy the oral sex MORE than the normal sex. Seriously.