The Truth About How to Pick Up Women

Want to know how to pick women? This article will give you a no-nonsense answer. What most guys never learn is that: Women will generally accept whatever is given to them but they'll totally dislike and make fun of a man who gives them too much for nothing. The majority of attractive women have men kissing their butts and giving them everything they ask for. Find out the right way to pickup women:


99% of men do not have an abundance of women in their lives. They are scared that if they piss this one girl off she may get upset and leave. What's funny is that by acting like a wuss a woman is MORE LIKELY to leave. Allowed a woman to act like a brat ends up bad for the relationship, for her, and for you. Use humor to call women out when they act annoying.

So how do you pick women?

Focus on standing out. Please do not suck up to women and do stuff for them like every other guy. When they act bratty or cross one of your boundaries, call them out just like you would a guy friend. Tease them, make fun of them, and poke at their insecurities in a funny and playful way.

Women do not have many guys treating them like this so they easily get addicted to a man who stands out. She's going to be talking about you to her friends all day long.

As you may have noticed, there are some men who have: the looks, fame, or personality that causes women to swoon all over them. If you're one of these guys, good for you! Most people are not though. So if you're not one of them (I'm not, so I know what it's like) you are going to LEARN how to speak and act around women to get them feeling the emotion of attraction towards you.