The Pickup Artist 2 With Mystery, Matador and Tara

There's a secret world emerging with it's own terminology and set of rules. It's the underground world of pick up artists. Each has his own particular brand of "the pick up" and each is very effective. Guys everywhere are watching The Pickup Artist 2 on VH1 in hopes of becoming great with women.

Much of their teachings involve being elusive and not telegraphing too much interest in the women you're interested in. Most men get now with women because they try to use logic to appeal to women. They try to reason their way into her pants. This will NEVER work. Why? Because women work very differently then men. The sooner you understand and accept that the better off you'll be. Women are not creatures of logic – they are creatures of FEELING.

Women have to feel this wild, uncontrollable attraction. They do not logically choose it – they feel it or not. You can buy her flowers for the next ten years and it will not matter unless you make her FEEL this attraction to you. Women do not use their brains to feel attraction and most men spend the major of their time trying to appeal to her brain instead of making her feel. You can never convince a woman to have feelings for you if she does not. Watching a guy try to convince a girl to like him can be fun to watch. It'll never work because women are genetically programmed to use feeling, not logic, as their primary gauge of attraction. You'll pick up some good stuff on The Pickup Artist 2 this season on VH1 but do not stop there. Make it your mission to become great at picking up women by learning everything you can.