The Benefits Of Feminism

Divorce, custody, reproductive rights:

How come 85% of the children of divorce end up in the custody of their mothers? How come fathers are still not considered as "equal" parents to their children? How come families receiving Welfare prohibit the father from being present? How did abortion come to be a "woman's" right to choose instead of a "parent's" right to choose?

Crime and sentencing:

How come women routinially receive 50% less jail time for committing the same crime as a man? How come women can utilize the "abuse excuse" and men can not – a woman can shoot her husband, plead in court that he abused her, and receive a light sentence – but a man can not shoot his wife and get away with that? How come when a woman and a man face off in court, and it's his word against hers, she is believed and he is not? Is it possible we still regard women as being "morally superior" to men? After all historical evidence to the contrary, do we still believe women are less likely to lie or cheat or manufacture deceptions?

Health care:

How come 19 out of 20 people who die on the job are men? How come women live 8 years longer than men? How come 4 out 5 suicides are men? How come 85% of the homeless are men? How come breast cancer funding receives 5 times more support than prostate cancer funding even though they both kill about the same number of people each year? How come, since domestic violence is a 50/50 proposition – just as many women beat up men as men beat up women – government funds women's shelters and not men's Shelters?

Military Draft:

How come women can be Senators and Supreme Court Justices and Secretaries of State, and yet they never have to register for the Selective Service to defend the very form of government that allows them these high privileges? Are we creating an Aristocracy of Women? If our society allowed a special category of men who were born into a privileged position where they were never expected to perform hard physical labor nor fight in time of war, would we not consider these men a class of aristocrats? Why is it different for women?

The Real Problem Between Men and Women

The real problem between men and women can be traced to the fact that the pundits of popular culture have turned everything upside down. They have managed to completely misunderstand men's nature and women's nature, male habits and female practices.

"Mater", the Latin word for mother, is the root word of materialism. For thousands of years human beings have known that women are more materialistic than men. And yet we live in a culture which tells us men are the materialists. But if men are object-oriented and women are people-oriented how come six times more retail space is devoted to women's personal items than to men's items? And how come men play team sports? We believe that women are intuitive and men are logical, but where our art and music and literature come from if not male intuition – those rarefied abstract sortsies into intuitive realms?

Psychology has taught us that our "masculine side" is aggressive and domineering and territorial and our "feminine side" is kind and caring and sharing. Where's the proof of this? Have not any of these people had dealings with female lawyers or realtors or advertising executives? My "kind, caring, sharing" side is my "kind, caring, sharing side", not my "female side".

Women are widely believed to be more "spiritual" than men. "Morally superior" to men. What hole did they pull this out of? Far and away most of the noted spiritual and moral leaders of all time have been men. Women are just as greedy and manipulative and self-serving as men – maybe more so. Men are larger than women so they manipulate women physically. Women are smaller so they manipulate men emotionally. The emotional mobilization of men by women is the unspoken abuse of our era.

Denying men's worth, trivializing our contributions, misrepresenting our character, and above all, shaming us, has got to stop – or we will never be able to disarm the war between the sexes. Women can not exalt themselves by putting us down.

THE CASTRATION OF THE AMERICAN MALE is an interdisciplinary examination of the biological, psychological, spiritual, historical, political, and legal differences between men and women. It's a mind-opener. Some guys have told me that after they read it they woke up in the morning and looked out on a whole new world – one that finally made some sense. Do not take my word for it. To verify the opinions expressed in THE CASTRATION OF THE AMERICAN MALE all you have to do is look out your window. You are the judge and jury.