The Average Joe's Proven Tips on How to Impress a Woman

One of the biggest worries during dating and trying to get a woman to go out with you, is that you feel that you will not manage to impress her. After all, like many men, you are a nice guy but may not own a beach front home and a flashy sports car. This description probably applies to many men who are average persons and real nice guys.

Does this mean that your chances of being able to impress women are low? The answer is "No". Finally, you can breathe easy. There are proven ways that average Joes' have used to impress women. Knowing how to impress a woman starts with the realization that a woman who is impressed by you will start to admire you; ideally for who you are, and not for what you own or even how you look. She will have slowly fallen for your charms. This is the way towards love or a deeper level of relating.

Women do need to be swept out of their feet. Most of them wait for their dark knights to sweep them of their feet and ride away with them.

The following are some proven tips on how to impress a woman.

Compliment her

Tell a woman how happy she makes you feel. Express how important her presence is for you. She suddenly prompts an upsurge of importance and significance. These statements give her a psychological edge over other attractive woman. She feels that if she can make you happy, then you are not going to leave her for another woman. When you convey to a woman about a positive aspect about her, she adorns that attitude even if she did not have one.

Most importantly, you need to compliment her looks. Tell her how you pretty she is. Later, you progress to telling her that you find her beautiful. Even if they do not express it, most women are in the race to look more beautiful than the other. When you single her out from the crowd as your muse, she is going to fall head over heels in love with you.

Ask for information or advice

Studies suggest that asking a woman for advice is a good way to impress a woman. When you ask a woman for advice, you will not be perceived as or judged to be meek or incompetent. You will be seen as giving a woman importance in the larger scheme of things because you value her opinion and advice. She sees a potential confidante in you. Later on, this can easily bloom into romance.

What do you ask advice on? You can ask advice on anything. It should not be on topics concern women. It could be on subjects relating men too. You can ask a woman advice on personal grooming, buying a golf kit, investing, house hunting, and wardrobe selection, just to name a few.

How to impress a woman with the simple act of opening a door

Research has indicated that when you open a door for a woman, it impresses her. This is a simple strategy for you to impress a woman. Simply opening the door for her and letting her in first is a great gesture of your caring attitude. It also indicates that you are ready to shun your ego to accommodate the convenience of a woman. And finally, women love to feel important. Opening the door is one way to demonstrate to them that they are important.

When on a date, ignore phone calls

The best way to impress a woman is to make her feel important. When you are on a date with her, do not pick up any calls. Ignore them, or ask the callers to call back later. If you still have to attend the call, put it on mute, request your date to excuse you and answer the call.

Remember that to impress woman you do not have to splurge a lot of money. Do simple things to make that special woman feel important.

Now, you may be wondering if all these sounds too simple. However, these are proven tips that will help you impress a woman. When you are applying these tips, it will be important to just be yourself, be authentic and courteous.