The 4 Smart Dating Tips That Will Get That Girl Red Hot For You!

One of the most important smart dating tips I heard was that nothing happens between a man and a woman until they’re attracted to each other. Sometimes getting a girl interested in you can be difficult, especially when you’re new to the whole dating and pickup game. Fortunately for you, it really does become simpler and easier with time and practice.

There are steps you can take and strategies you can implement to have better success with women and I’d like to tell you about a few of them. If you’re truly interested in learning how to improve and are willing to put in the work to do so, these steps won’t fail you.

So are you ready?

Smart Dating Tip # 1 – It’s Not Just Your Lips That Smile.

The very first thing you have to understand is that a genuine smile is one of the most attractive things another person can look at. It’s better than almost any accessory. A smile is one of the first things we notice about a person, right? It’s a big signal that says yes or no to anyone you’re talking to or approaching.

So a simple, friendly smile will make you almost irresistible to women. This is a big sign saying ‘yes’ to them, and you know the old saying that everyone looks their best when they smile. What you have to keep in mind is that it doesn’t work if you smile with just your mouth. If you really want to attract herds of girls easily and effortlessly, you have to make sure you smile with both your mouth and your eyes, and for that, of course, the smile has to be genuine. Some people aren’t great at smiling when they’re thinking about it. When it comes time to take a picture and say “Cheese,” they look like they’re grimacing or are totally coming off fake. If you’re the type that has trouble smiling when you’re not taken by surprise or whatever the case may be, there are a few things you can do.

One, lighten up; it’s just smiling, and you’re supposed to be having a good time.

Two, try and think of an image or a memory that really makes you feel good.

Once you have that genuine smile, it will reflect in your eyes. Women are drawn in by a good smile like a moth to a flame.

Smart Dating Tip # 2 – Use Your Deeper Voice.

It’s been researched and proven that women consider a deep voice to be more masculine and therefore attractive than a high pitched voice. It’s another reminder of the differences between men and women. Studies actually show that a woman finds a man with a deeper voice to be more dominant and attractive – and at the same time, men find women with higher voices to be more attractive too. It’s somehow hard-wired into DNA for women to be drawn to these things.

That’s why it’s a smart dating strategy to lower your voice a little whenever you’re out there picking up girls. Now, I am not saying that you should fake a very deep and sensual baritone. You run the risk of sounding ridiculous or too strained. What I am getting at here is that if you can lower your voice just a little bit while keeping it sounding natural at the same time, you should definitely do it. Compliments and come-ons will sound just that little bit better when they’re being said in a voice women are scientifically proven to find more attractive. This one thing could give you an edge you didn’t even know existed.

Smart Dating Tip # 3 – Be A Leader… NOW!

Women love to be led. They love to be protected and they instinctively want to be able to depend on you to look after them, as well as provide them with the fun, the laughter and the thrill they desire. Be the man to fill those shoes and she’ll follow you anywhere. So how do you show leadership early on in your interactions? It’s very easy! All you have to do, as soon as you walk up to a lady say something that will let her know you’re in charge.

For example, you could ask her to change bars, or offer her a specific drink by saying something like: How about I get you some gin and tonic? Notice that even though there’s a question at the end of that statement, you’re not really asking her a question. You’re telling her that she’s getting a drink. Another cool thing about that specific statement is you’re also letting her know that you’ll be getting her something very specific, which again tells her that you’re a leader.

It says that you not only are going to take charge, but you know what’s cool and what she should be drinking. If you’re making a point of saying it, doing it, ordering it, whatever, that means it is worthwhile, right? It’s a very smart dating thing to continue playing up that role of a leader. Be the one to make the decisions and keep control of the situation. It isn’t hard, because women will naturally want you to assume that position in the first place.

Smart Dating Tip # 4 – Get Physical.

Being physical with women, in a gentle and tasteful way, is very attractive to them. Why? Because most guys out there are scared of even walking up to them and saying hi. Forget about touching them; oh no, they’d never even dream of such a thing. When you touch a girl’s face a little or tap her on the shoulder in a friendly way, it lets her know that you’re confident and…

…women love confident guys. Trust me. This casual touching can set you apart from the pack in a heartbeat. Just remember to be gentle and tasteful about it, because you could come on too strong and turn the girl off pretty quickly. Every girl is different, but generally speaking they’re going to find these touches sexy if you keep them light and brief.

All of the smart dating gurus will tell you that touching her gets you into her personal space. It engages her on a different level than just plain conversation does. It shows her that you are focused on her and your interactions, rather than keeping an eye on the door. She knows she has your full attention, and she’ll love that.

She’ll feel wanted and impressed with your initiative. All of these other guys act like junior high school kids at a dance, too shy to come too close, but you’re a man who can close that gap. Some other guys may talk a good game, but they too keep their distance. Then you come along, this easygoing yet confident guy who draws the attention of the room, and you put that attention on her.

More than that, you touch her. That touch says, I’m confident. I’m not afraid to do this like all of these other losers. Just touching her arm while you’re telling a story to make your point can be enough to get her interest in you amped up.

This isn’t rocket science. Now that you’ve read these steps, you’ve seen how easy it can be to improve your game. There should be nothing stopping you from implementing these strategies and really going after girls. You’ll find yourself getting what you want without the missteps you may have encountered before.

What are you waiting for? Get out there already and use the smart dating strategies I shared with you.