The 4 Best Gifts For a Business Person

In any occasion that requires giving a present, it is important that the receiver will be happy with what he receives. And even in a business environment, thought and feeling is as important as formality. To achieve this, be a little more informal with gift-giving. Consider what is useful and not just general, and check if the gift suits the personality of the recipient. Here are some gifts you can give that indicate your wish for success to that person.

1. Suitcase. This is a work necessity and would be very useful for him. However, you may have difficulty finding the style he likes. But you can always stick to a structured black or brown suitcase. Check what he carries to the office so you’ll have an idea what design to give. You could settle for a leather portfolio if you are on a tight budget, though. If you have extra funds, have a customized engraving at the leather briefcase.

2. Books. Get a good book for the recipient to spend his evening. Pick a subject that interests him or if you can, find his favorite author. Get travel-related books for a frequent flier, a sports book for a football fan, a history or a business-related book for a more scholarly man. Just stay away from self-help books or those that give a message.

3. Fountain Pen. This is a very simple and practical gift. They’re refillable as well so they will last for a long time. Go for the branded ones to make it a little more special. A Cross pen wouldn’t cost you that much given that the design and style is very elegant. This is a good choice for a recent graduate or a promoted employee.

4. Cufflinks. Give the man the gift of style. Your father, brother, or partner would be perfect recipients of a platinum or gold-plated cufflink. It is more personal yet still implies your wish for success. Go for one that matches most of the receiver’s suits, or buy one from his favorite brand. If you found out that he has plenty of cufflinks, opt for a tie tack. They are popular nowadays and can be a little more costly but it will surely be appreciated.

Keep in mind that it is always best to give something that the recipient will appreciate. Be it something useful or something that represents him well, just give it with a heart and they will be truly grateful for your present.