The 2007 Top Ten American Geisha Secrets for Single Women to Get Married

1. Biggest (number 1) secret: You need a Geisha Attitude and mentality, called "Geisha Consciousness," that use your natural femininity to attract, satisfy, and keep your man happy. Remember that yin and yang opposites (feminine and masculine) attract.

2. Be positive, optimistic, and happy as much as possible. Express the positive, optimistic and happy; show it. Enjoy dating and social events, and your life!

3. Date only Good Men. Think about the kind of man who would be a Good Man for you, and. Get into circulation in the dating pool and be receptive to being approached. But if he's not a Good Man for you, do not date him.

4. Attract men, do not chase them: use your femininity, beauty, smile, clothes, and sexiness. It is too masculine to chase and hunt; be receptive. If you chase a man, you take away from his masculinity. Men should the hunt; you should be pursued by men.

5. Be nice. Most key for marriage is that he wants a nice woman. Not passive but assertive and nice. Nice means sweet. Treat him nicely and be supportive of him always, and build him up as a man.

6. Let him know you'll never manipulate him: then do not. Men need women to be very direct: men are not subtle. Be honest. Ask him for honesty too. Communicate your life goals including marriage (and a baby?).

7. Be a Good Woman. Have good values ​​of your life. Be a worthy person. Know what your core beliefs are. Have integrity. Be conscious.

8. Express thanks and appreciation for what he does for you: He wants to be your hero. Boost his ego. Do this often for specific things he's done for you.

9. Let the physical, animal you come out much more than most people do, who stay in their minds too much. Love your body. Pleasure your body. Care for your body. Be proud of your body. Get more and more in touch with the passionate, primitive, sensual qualities of your animal body. Be classy in public.

10. Satisfy him and keep him happy by having frequent, noisy orgasms of various types which you give him total verbal and emotional credit for having created.