Talk About Seduction – 1

One seduction technique that is very powerful is simply to take your time, women are often resistant to men that they feel are pushy or 'moving too fast', many women respond much more positively to a man, who is patient and does not appear to be 'just after one thing.' Lots of women are very keen on guys, who seduction technique is one of a slow relationship building nature, giving off vibes that you are interested in a woman is not just the body, but also for a longer long-term commitment will often pay big disputes within a relatively short time.

Another seduction technique is to make the best of your appearance, not all of us are blessed with the good looks of Brad Pitt, but that does not mean that you should neglect your appearance women tend generally to be very hypercritical of people's appearance, you will often hear them comment about another woman's hairstyle or her new dress, do not think that that only applies to other women they are equally as critical of the man's appearance and will be of the opinion that if you could not be bothered to 'dress up 'for a first date or did not bother to have a shave then you can not be serious about them.

Also consider as part of your seduction technique, where you take a woman, especially for the first couple of dates. Just like your appearance, women may well judge you by the kind of place that you take them too. If a woman makes the effort to dress up nicely and then you take her to some cheap all-you-can-eat restaurant, she is not veryiable to be impressed, the same goes for if you take a woman for a drink to your local dive of a bar, simply because you like it there, and you feel comfortable in those surroundings. Great care should be taken in selecting an appropriate meeting place that you consider suitable, armed with what little that you may know about the woman.