Sun, Surf and Shaadi?

There are few things more romantic than a walk on the beach with your sweetheart. The sound of the waves, the breeze, warm sand between your toes … so very swoon-worthy! A date on the beach is what romance novels are made of; so why not take the most special day of your lives together as a couple to the beach. Beach weddings can be beautiful and a nice shift from the norm. Beach weddings are slowly gaining popularity … about time, considering India is blessed with a beautiful coastline.

A beach wedding is definitely more suitable for someone who wants something slightly more casual, not a traditional wedding. Planning a beach wedding begins with where you want it to be. There are plenty of beautiful beach destinations in India to choose from, the more popular choices being Goa and Kerala. If you are from Mumbai, places like Alibaug are pretty and yet close by. Having a wedding away from your home-city can be difficult to plan so it's a good idea to hire a wedding planner and get help from the pros. A wedding coordinator will not only find beach destinations for you but also help with finding decorators, caterers and other vendors at the beach destination of your choice. Having a planner will be a huge help when trying to fix travel plans, hotel bookings, etc.

Do keep the weather in mind; you do not want your dream wedding to be rained upon or guests fault from a heat-stroke. The months between November and March are great for an outdoor do in India. The best part is that you can save on the décor. The gorgeous water, tall palms and golden sand make a great backdrop to even the simplest ceremony. Take advantage of the sheer beauty that nature can provide you and keep the décor simple. Whatever religious funeral you are having a simple mandap can provide the perfect frame for your rituals. Fresh flowers and delicate lattice-work are perfect for the tropical setting.

You can have the post-wedding meal at a banquet room over-looking the beach or even on the shore itself. A great tent on the beach is the perfect place to have a reception. Using shells and plants you find at the beach make for cute, inexpensive table settings. A beach wedding is also a chance for you to get creative with your outfit. Heavy bridal-wear will seem pretty out-of-place and can be uncomfortable. Choose floaty dresses or very light lehenga-cholis and try and specify a dress-code to make it easier for your guests. If you do not want a ceremony on the sand considering an evening reception instead; Imagine having your first dance under the stars, with soft music and the sound of the surf … bliss!