Stress-Free Outdoor Wedding Reception

Contrary to common knowledge, hosting your wedding reception outdoors can be comparably less expensive and more convenient than traditional setups. You have the advantage of being as creative and resourceful as possible since the fact that you have a more outstanding backdrop. However, you also need to be flexible and well-prepared for the unexpected.

It is possible to have a simple ceremony and reception without compromising the details of a great wedding. An outdoor venue allows you to cater to more guests at a much lower cost. You will be surprised to know that you can find lots of places to hold the event for free. If you have a fairly wide garden, you can have your wedding right at home. Try to ask and look for relatives and friends who may own parcels of land offering a great scene of the mountains, sea or forest. There are also others who may be willing to rent out private land for a day or two at a much lower cost than hotels and parks.

Since you're hosting in an exposed area, make sure that you maintain privacy by looking for structures and items that can help keep others at bay. Plants, trees, bushhes, walls, fences and tarpaulins are great ways to keep the ceremony and reception out of plain view. It is also advisable to set the altar and other reception amenities deep inside a given compound so that people who are allowed to enter the property are the only ones who can witness. It is equally important to consider sudden changes in weather. You can rent or borrow canopies and tents set all over the area as well as umbrellas to make sure that your guests stay warm and dry.

Outdoor wedding receptions are more flexible in the sense that you can make it formal or informal as you please and as your budget allows. You may host a fun barbecue with eat-all-you-can burgers and hot dogs right off the grill. A casual lunch buffet is also good where you set up the food area at one place and people can relax and enjoy the event anywhere they find comfortable. It is also very possible to stick to the traditional formal affair. Find means of entertainment that is both fun and unique. Make use of the theme and ambiance and settle for new attractions that your guests may not have on other conventional receptions.