Steps on How to Attract a Woman

Now let's face it there are more men using online dating sites today than women. If you are going to attract women using a dating site then you need to step up your game. There are no written rules on how to do this but there are certain things that will increase your chances of attracting a woman. Many men have had success following these steps.

1. One of the biggest mistakes that a man can make is to join a dating site and not post a picture. Put yourself in the woman's shoes, if you saw a profile of a man and there was no picture what would you think? The man is ugly, married or he is hiding something. The mind of a woman is very powerful and she will think the worst. What you need is a picture that is taken from your shoulders up, make sure your hair is combed and you look presentable. A picture is worth a thousand words. Oh yeah, do not forget to smile, be happy you are about to get a girl.

2. This one boggles my mind; many men upload a picture of their penis. Do you really think a girl is looking to date a penis? Do not upload nude pictures of yourself, unless you are using adult dating sites that are themed oriented around nude and one night sex dates. Yes there are sites that cater to this. So if you are thinking about showing yourself naked on a dating site that is not a sex or nude dating site do not do it. This is not how to attract women .

3. When creating your profile be careful with your message and the tone of the message. Some things not to write are "no pigs", "no fat girls" and "do not waste my time type of girls". These types of messages will not attract a woman; they will turn them away instead. When creating your message write about the type of person you are looking for and keep in positive. There is more energy in positive messages plus there is an added benefit, positive energy increases your attractiveness.

4. Do not be a show off. Do not describe yourself as though you are a god; be humble in your description of yourself. Describing yourself as being incredible will only hurt your chances. Many women when they read this type of description are completely turned off.

5. Joining an online dating site and not getting any dates. Sometimes this happens but do not let it get you down. It may have been because you joined the wrong type of dating site.