So You Want to Make Your First Homemade Gift Basket – Have You Thought About Your Theme, Yet?

One thing that so many people overlook is that most baskets, ie, the cheap woven kind, get tossed. Yes! That's right. Your basket gets thrown out, forever forgotten. So how do you come up with great gift basket ideas and present your gift in such a way people will remember … for a long, long time?

It's not that hard, if you put yourself into the receivers place. Learn to think of gift basket theme ideas that have real value and will leave reflecting impressions. Once you put this hat on, it becomes easier and more exciting with every gift basket you make. OH! I know I mentioned that baskets get thrown away; so do most gift basket boxes. So do not go there.

To craft professional looking gift baskets, (again, I emphasize … think of who you are making the basket for) learn a little about the hobbies, favorite pastimes, or favorite things that surround your receiver in their every-day life. For instance, if the person you are building your basket for likes do-it-yourself projects, buy a tool belt and include quality tools for their DIY projects. Or, if the present is for a relative or friend who is expecting, choose a good quality baby bag or car seat and fill it with gifts that have 'real value' and will be used just about everyday.

OK! Here's another great gift basket idea. Let's say your niece is off to college and you want to create a nice handmade gift for her. The one thing that will eat up a college students budget is make-up and cosmetics. So, find her a nice travel bag, that she can use for short off campus visits home or to a friends house. Fill it with spa related items like body scrubs, chic handmade soaps, a loofah, several nice over sized fluffy towels, and a variety of clever homemade spa treatments. There are a lot of great sites for info on making your own spotted lotions scrubs and handmade soaps. A good tip for clearing the clutter from your search results is to use quotes. ie, "spotted homemade soap". You'll get much better results when you search this way.

Let your imagination run wild and jot all your creative ideas down. Then refine them into practical gift basket ideas that are valuable and that people will remember. Professional looking, personalized themed gift baskets are the smart way to brighten up the day of someone special.