Skin Care For Men – Yes, Men and Women Are Different

Many of the elements of skin care for men and women are very much the same, but there are a few things that men need that will assist in solving some of the problems that are exclusively their. While most cosmetics are designed to be used by women and men; skin care should be more focused as to the sex of the user.

It is the general practice of the cosmetics industry to make the exact same product for both sexes, add in a different fragrance for each, and put the half with the "manly" fragrance in a skin care for men container. So not only are the special needs of the individual not met, but they have added something to try to give the perception of uniqueness that could be harmful to your health.

For women or men skin care is about health, but the addition of these useless chemically engineered fragrances goes against that desire to be healthy. Fragrances are engineered using any number of the 4,000 or so chemicals that are commonly used to produce different aromas and allergic reactions to these chemicals are frequent.

With that many unlisted chemicals being used in different combinations, someone is bound to be allergic to at least one of them. This mix of chemical agents is an unnecessary addition in skin care for men as well as women and products containing these fragrances should be either prohibited, or at the very least avoided.

Men's skin care products, as well as women's, should not contain any chemical preservatives either. The ones that are most widely used are known to cause an increase in the likelihood of developing cancer. If you look for the ingredients label of almost any product on the department store shelves, you find that it contains these dangerous chemicals labeled Parabens.

Parabens are not a necessary addition in products designed for healthy skin care for men and women. There are organic ingredients that are available for use as a preservative, such as Natural vitamin E. This natural vitamin is much more powerful than the synthetic types generally used, and is perfectly suited to being a conservative agent.

In one of the best men skin care product line, Natural vitamin E is used for that purpose and much more. The vitamin has been combined with a special nano-emulsified blend of CoenzyeQ10 to form a very powerful antioxidant one-two punch called Nano-Lipobelle H EQ10.

Many of the signs of aging and wear come from most men's propensity to be outdoors, where he is at the mercy of the sun. Having the power to repair that free radical damage is very important. As an added bonus, this special blend also packs enough strength to give your skin a natural barrier of protection from UV radiation. How's that for men skin care?

If you want to get the most out of your skin care for men products, its innovative people like the adventers of H EQ10 whom you've got to seek out. That is where you will get the most effective line of products, and the best value.