Short Guys Do Attract Hot Women

Almost every girl in this world will tell you that she will not be willing to date guys who are shorter than her. Those girls will tell you that the most attractive and important physical trait that a guy must have is HEIGHT.

Many of my female friends have told me that they will not even consider dating men who are of the same height of them.

But when it comes into reality, this is not true. Most women say that they will not date shorter guys, but it is by no means "A Rule", and your height does not have to be something that gets in the way of you dating women you want.

Just take a walk in town and have a look around. There are guys out there who do not seem to be very tall, but their partners are none other than those gorgeous ladies.

This issue is very similar to another age-old paradox. I am sure that you have heard women saying that they will only date "nice guys". But how often does this paradox turn out to be the exact opposite?

Just as soon every woman that you ask tells you that she wants to date a "nice guy", almost every woman will tell you that she must date a guy who is taller than her.

You do not need to be tall, rich, famous or good-looking, as long as you know how to handle women and play the game; you will have the upper hand. Research on the Internet, there are so much information for you to learn on how to handle relationship and women. Absorb what you read and apply them.

Therefore, if you do not have the height, do not give up your hope. Believe in yourself that you can date women of the same height or even taller than you, and you will ever succeed.