Sensational Christmas Gifts Sure to Make an 11-Year-Old Grin from Ear to Ear

Happiness is … that first sight of Christmas gifts piled high benefit the tree. So today, let us look at some sensational Christmas gifts sure to make an 11-year-old grin from ear to ear.

Now, what kind of Christmas gifts would your favorite 11-year-old boy or girl want to get more than anything? Is he or she a speed whiz? If so, sometimes a pair of Heelys – which are shoes with a wheel in the heel – would be just right. Then again, inline skates are a big hit this year.

For the 11-year-old scientist in your life, there are some great power zoom binoculars you can use for all occasions – car trips, camping, hiking, and bird watching.

A watch is a snazzy gift. Popular ones are the Spiderman3 watch for boys and the Cinderella watch for girls.

Games, videos, and movies are always a thrill for 11-year-olds. Some popular ones are Monopoly, Checkers, Operation, and a bowling pin set.

If you are into the hottest gifts around, let us check out a few right now.

Eyeclops Bionic Eye – Do you want to see everything up close? I mean – really up close? Then, you would need Eyeclops. Just connect the "eye" to your TV, then plug in the "eye" and you are ready to go. It magnifies an object up to 200 times its size. This is great for 11-year-olds to examine their toes, the Christmas pudding, and the dog's tail.

Shuffle Up Playing Cards – You will need to set up the card table for this fun game. This is a little like dominoes, but it is played with cards. What makes it exciting is that the game is very unpredictable. Shuffling is easy and so is the game – but best of all, there is a surprise in every hand.

Electric Guitar – This guitar teachers the first-time player how to play like a rock star. The "learn 'n play" mode teaches you song segments. The "band" mode lets you play along with pre-recorded music. When you are ready to "go public," you can plug into an MP3 player.

Amazing Name Scroll on a Painting – Here is one gift that is always a hit. This scroll contains a person's first name and its meaning along with famous people with that name. The background of the scroll is a painting of a kitten, a dog, a lion, horses. flowers, or other scenes. There is a golden crown, a crest, a seal, and a border. This treasured gift is ready for framing.

Mystery Gifts – Mystery gifts are a number of smaller gifts that you pack up together in a gift box. The recipient never knows what little gift to unwrap next. They are all exciting. There might be a ring that lights up in the dark, coloring books and crayons, activity books, or an animated duck, penguin, or bear that sings and dances.

There we are. What do you think? Some of these gifts may fit the bill. Or, sometimes they will give you ideas for other sensational Christmas gifts sure to make an 11-year-old grin from ear to ear. Now be sure to have a merry old Christmas with lots of cake and ice cream.