Seduce Women With Powerful Body Language

Your body language is very important in attracting and
seducing women. A word about the way that you move or walk
within a club or indeed any social environment. Do not walk
too fast or so slow that it looks like you do not know where
you are heading to. That immediately conveys a lack of
leadership quality. And this is a major turn off as far as
female attraction is concerned.

Walking upright, head up and with a purpose conveys the
signal that you are a strong man who knows exactly where he
is heading, literally. And believe it or not, this is one of
those subconscious signals like the rest of body language
that will trigger feelings in a woman to make her conclude
immediately that you are either a leader therefore attractive,
or not.

Also, the same thing applies to the way you cast your eyes
when looking at things around you within your environment.
Do it in a purposeful way. Always look round slowly, and
with a focused fixed gaze when looking at anything. If you
do it too fast and darting your eyes here, there, and
everywhere, you will come across like a rabbit caught in
headlights, and that is very unattractive to women. Eye
contact is the other very important part of body language in

The basic rule of eye contact is this: you have to look
everyone in the eye directly, always. Now this does not mean
that you should stare people down and run the risk of
looking like some sort of weird, retarded psycho. It means
that as you walk around on a daily basis or interact with
people in any social environment, you DO NOT avoid them
eyes if the heads meet yours at any point.

Again the reason this is important in attraction and social
value is primal in nature. "Alpha," leader animals tend to
have a commanding presence when in a social group and the
most important thing that signals the strong male is direct
and steady eye contact.

You only need to hold eye contact initially upon meeting
someone or clocking eyes on them suddenly for a fairly brief
period of time, say a good few seconds. After that it may
become slightly uncomfortable and you have to take a break
from looking too long in their eyes at any one time. And
that's okay as long as you DO NOT look downwards toward the
ground when you do so. Looking down after engaging in direct
eye contact is the prime way to communicate inferiority.
Only animals with very low social value tend to look down.
So if you need a break from eye contact, look to your left
or your right for a bit and then re-engage the eye contact.

Now, I will tell you about an eye contact trick that will
make it so easy for you to hold eye contact for as long as
you wish and I promise you it will ramp up your
attractiveness no end in your interactions with women. What
you do is this: when looking at someone, instead of looking
straight in their eyes and hitting that point when it
becomes uncomfortable, focus your eyes on their eyebrows
instead and keep looking at the eyebrows. You will find that
when you do this, you can maintain direct eye contact for as
long as you need to and be in total control of the process
and never feel awkward about it.