Secrets in Meeting Gorgeous Women

Some men think that they have to be exceptionally good looking to be successful in meeting gorgeous women. But the truth is, there are average looking men who are successful in the dating scene and goes home with the girl. Those men know the secrets in approaching and attracting women.

Attraction is an art and it is not an inborn quality, it can be learned and anyone can be attractive if they want to. In meeting gorgeous women, it does not mean that only good looking men have the chance to get the girl and average looking guys are left behind without any chance. If you do not know how to approach and make a connection with women, even good looking men will have a hard time to be successful in the dating scene.

Here are some tips in meeting gorgeous women:

Know where these gorgeous women are. Of course, to be successful in meeting gorgeous women, you have to know the best places where these women are hiding. Singles bar is a common place where these women hang out but if you want the marrying type you will not probably find her there. Do not limit yourself on bars or social gatherings in meeting gorgeous women; there are other places that women loves hanging around like museums, church, sports club, community charity work and in the bookstores. A female friend of mine was in a bookstore reading books about financial freedom and suddenly a guy approached him talking about the book, my friend was impressed and they end up dating but surprisingly the guy is not as handsome as the other guys that she used to date but she was smitten.

Learn to make women laugh. If you ask women who are the qualities of a guy they love, they will probably give you a long list. But their list has one thing in common, they always include that they love men with sense of humor who can make them laugh. If you know how to make women laugh, you have the power to magnetize women and it will not be difficult for you to be successful in meeting gorgeous women. Most people, especially women, want to be around a cheerful and happy person.

Learn how to use body language. Eye contact and your smile are some of the most powerful body languages ​​that you can use in meeting gorgeous women. Establishing an eye contact with a woman and locking it for a few seconds followed by a smile, will create a connection and hint that you want to know her. If you are shy, you have to find the confidence to do it. You might fail, but remember that you might also succeed. It is a 50/50 chance and it takes practice. Once you have mastered it, success with women is within your reach.

Have a personality that attracts women. To have a great personality in meeting gorgeous women, you have to love and accept yourself. It is easier to attract women, if you have no insecurities and comfortable with yourself even with your flaws. People with positive outlook attracts people especially women.