Say I Love You With Lingerie – Tips for Buying Her a Sexy Gift

Nothing says I love you like some sexy, well chosen lingerie from you. Buying your girlfriend or wife lingerie can be a great way to impress her and if all goes well it can be a great way to give a little gift to yourself. Unfortunately, buying the wrong lingerie can not only ruin the moment, it can cause you a lot of grief down the road. Make sure your sexy gift does not turn sexy with these great tips.

  • Size Counts: Heading into your local lingerie store with little more than a vision is only asking for disaster. Bras and panties are not as easy to shop for as say a sweater. Bra's come in several sizes include a number size like 34, 36, or 38, as well as a cup size like A, B, and C. You're going to have to get sly for this one. That's right; This is one of the few occasions you're allowed to do a little private prying. Next time you're at your girl's place or alone in your bedroom, get a pen and paper and check out that top drawer. While you're snooping, copy down the size on the tag of her panties; as the number letter combo on her bra.
  • Style is Key: After you get the sizes written down and secured in your brain, your next big challenge will be the find a style that best suits her. While you may think a hot red G-String and a diamond studded playboy bra will be a great holiday gift, she may not. When you are snooping for sizes, make it a point to take notice of what colors and styles you find in her drawer. If she tends to have a lot of lacey bras and panties in pastel colors, go with something similar. Judging by the fact that you're buying her lingerie, I'm assuming you've seen her in some before, so take that consideration when you start shopping.
  • Shop Online: Most men are not exactly at home in women's lingerie stores or department. While you may like what you see, chances are you're still in a hurry to buy something and get out. If you tend to panic in situations like this, you may want to think about buying her something online. Shopping online will give you the freedom to browse at your own pace and get a better look at what you're buying. Another great advantage of shopping online is the ability to see different pieces modeled, something that does not often happen in your local department or lingerie store. Be sure to read all the descriptions so you know what material it's made from, what colors in comes in, and what sizes are available.
  • Think About Your Message: What the lingerie you've chosen says is going to play a huge role in how your gift goes over. If your girlfriend or wife is pretty conservative in the bedroom, you may want to stick with simple pieces that are sexy but not super kinky. If your girl is up for anything, then go nuts. When you're not quite sure what she likes, choose something more romantic over something extremely sexy; you are after all buying this for her, not yourself. You'll also want to make sure you stay away from anything that can make her feel less than sexy. That means steering clear of undergarments that suggest she needs to lose weight or grow larger breasts.