Retro Wedding Details

If you have always loved the grace and style of bygone eras, then you will love the character that retro details can add to your wedding. From bridesmaid dresses to flowers to jewelry, there are many fantastic ways that you can include the best accents from years past. These are some ideas on how to add a retro flair to your own special day.

The invitations are the first impression that your guests will have of your wedding, making them the perfect place to introduce a retro sensitivity. Letterpress is the ideal type of invitation to choose for a vintage flavor. Look for stationery that is done in color pairings such as aqua and cherry or pale pink and brown. Many of the best letterpress invitations will also include a fun retro motif, such as a bird. They are both timeless and trendy at the same time.

Of course, when you think of retro or vintage, the clothing of your favorite era will certainly spring to mind. There are some fantastic options for vintage inspired bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses. Give some thought as to which particular decade appeals to you the most, and aim to be consistent in choosing a wedding dress and bridesmaid outfits that have details from the same time period. They do not need to be original vintage or even exact replicas; they should just flow together.

As an example, if you love the timeless femininity of the 1950s, the bride could wear a gown with a portrait neckline and a full skirt, accented by pearl bridal jewelry. A nice choice for the bridesmaids would be dresses with a similar neckline, sometimes with a simple A-line skirt. Since pearls were so popular for women in the '50s, your attendants should wear pearl bridesmaid jewelry with their dresses. A pair of earrings makes a nice bridesmaid gift, and you could make it even more retro by also giving each attendant a vintage pearl circle pin to wear on her dress (even if it is costume jewelry, the brooch will still look great with freshwater or cultured pearl earrings).

Another retro detail to consider is the menu. You can forgo the trendy international fusion foods in favor of traditional comfort foods like pot roast and mashed potatoes. This is a case where you might not want to attempt to copy an original vintage wedding dinner exactly; they included a lot of things like aspic molds that would probably horrific your contemporaries. A fabulous retro idea for the reception is to have a martini bar. The silver bullet shaped cocktail shakers, the iconic martini glasses, the olives; they all have that smooth glamor from another era feeling.

You can also look to the past for flower and centerpiece ideas. The truth is that brides have always advertised roses, so they are a very safe choice for a retro wedding. Lily-of-the-valley is a very sweet flower with a timeless appeal. If you are trying to evoke a retro sensitivity, avoid using any of the current trends for your centerpieces, like elaborate tablescapes or submerged orchids. Stick to classic nosegays or arm bouquets for the bride's flowers.

What is old is new again, and this is very true for weddings. Retro details are a terrific way to add individuality to your ceremony and reception. A few carefully selected vintage Touches will make your wedding unique and memorable.