Relationship Tips for Women – How to Ask Men to Wear Condoms

In the modern setting, people are very open to the use of different types of contraceptives. However, through the years, there is one observation that women are crying foul about. Women, in most cases are left to bear the burden of responsibility in ensuring the sexual encounter would be safe and protected. Many experts and feminists argument that it is way too unfair and stressful, and as such can make sex much less appealing for women.

If you are into a relationship and you and your partner decide to be intimate, there is a need to put contraceptives in place. If both of you are already aware of the numerous types of intercepts available in the market, for sure, there would not be much problem about the contraceptives to be used.

Typically, there surfaces a problem about who would be responsible for the contraceptives. While there are many forms of contraceptives for women, like birth control pills, injections, sponges and IUDs, there are only two known contraceptives for men. Those are vasectomy and the use of condoms.

Vasectomy is seldom chosen. That is because this surgical operation is done to cut a tube within the testicles that is essential for the passing and release of the sperm cells, which together with women's egg cells to form fetuses in women. For some men, the process is frightening because of its permanency. That is because the man's ability to induce pregnancy or conception would be removed for life. Some men do not welcome the operations because of fear that sexual performance would be altered.

The use of condoms is then quite obviously the most common form of contraceptives for men. Through condoms, the semen that contains the sperm cells would be prevented from entering a woman's womb. The condom is the most accessible, cheapest and easiest to use form of male contraceptives. It is also significantly less costly compared to almost all female contraceptives.

Now the problem is how to ask men to wear condoms. Some men, when caught up in the moment, are just not sensitive and considerate on women's basic rights and feelings. It is old-fashioned and archaic to think it is the woman's sole responsibility to put contraceptives in place because she will be the one who will conceive and get pregnant.

As simple advise, it would be effective if you would open and randomly ask your partner to wear condoms. If he requests why you do not want female contraceptives, tell him it is because condoms are the cheapest and most reliable. There would be no side effects for the both of you, unlike in female contraceptives that incur several noticeable and negligible adverse side effects.

You could both attend a safe sex counseling session. If the efforts still fail, it would be time you assess your relationship. Men should also be sensitive and considerate about women's feelings and rights. Sex is both enjoyed by both genders. Why would women completely bear the burden of contraception? It is time to be fair. Besides, it does not hurt to wear condoms. The most common complaint, that condoms reduction sensation, can be alleviated by making sure both of you pick out a condom that works well within your sexual relationship. As such, open communication and discussion is the most important part of securing a healthy and safe sexual relationship.