Regift Your Promotional Gift

Promoting yourself or your business in the world today makes all the difference. I take for example a particular animated movie that recently came out. It opened with record low money made totals for the amount of theaters it was in.

This baffled me when I read it because I thought to myself that there's no way it was not promoted enough for more people to see it. Even the worst movies come up with decent trailers and play them repeatedly on different channels. But this particular movie did not do that, so nobody saw it.

A movie ad is in some ways like a promotional gift. They're promoting to us their film without us paying to see it. That is, of course, unless you paid to see a movie and you're watching the trailers, in that case, you paid. But if you're watching on TV you're essentially watching for free.

But promotional gifts had an origin outside of technology. Ever receive a promotional pen, or mug? Free of charge? That was a gift given out by that company or its affiliate to swoon you into buying their product.

How is that different from other promotional products?
Well on the one hand its different and the other its not.

A promotional gift would be a gift, that is to say, free of charge. This means you should be able to go into a gift givers area and take the gift without hassle.

A promotional product certainly does encompass what the promotional gift is (the gift is clearly a product) however, you might have to purchase the product.

Perhaps you're really big fan of the local radio station. Sometimes the station will give out T-shirts as gifts. By wearing it you're promoting them, other times the station will have a setup where you can buy their shirts. It's no longer a gift but still a product, and a product you can buy.

What kind of gifts are there?
Promotional gifts are just as versatile as promotional products. They can range from pens, to hats, to shirts, to clocks, to watches, to calendars, to planners, to bumper stickers, to campaign buttons and stickers, and to anything in between.

Sometimes the company even gives it's employees certain items to take home as gifts