Rake In The Bucks With These Corporate Gift Basket Business Ideas

Although gift baskets are a popular gift for anyone to send as a birthday, anniversary, get well, thank you, congratulations and sympathy gift; corporate customers still represent the largest volume of sales that will make or break your business, especially when you are just starting out. More and more individuals and corporate executives are discovering just how convenient and easy it is to pick a price range, a theme and a general content of a basket and have it sent effortlessly … for them. Being the creator of the baskets can be both fun and profitable.

When are peak times for corporate gift basket giving?

Christmas is beyond any doubt the most popular time of the year to send Christmas greetings to top customers and loyal employees. Corporate customers will want their baskets to be sent anytime during the two weeks before Christmas but not too close to the holiday.Between the 12th and 22nd of December is peak basket delivering time. Secretary`s Day, AKA Administrative Professional`s Day is also a very popular time for multiple gift giving as is Nurse`s Week, Teacher`s Day and Daycare Worker Day.

By keeping your corporate customers at the top of your priority list and by making it easy and pleasant for them to order through you, your business will be thriving and blossoming for years to come.

What are the most popular types of baskets for corporate gift giving?

  • gourmet treat baskets
  • fruit and candy baskets
  • health food baskets
  • chocolate lovers baskets
  • wine and cheese baskets
  • golf themed baskets
  • coffee themed baskets
  • movie night baskets
  • sport themed baskets
  • tea time baskets

What are the best ways to accent and decorate corporate baskets?

Attaching a business card to the neck of the basket amidst business color themed curling ribbon and accent bow. If you have access to customized company ribbon or can do personalized ribbon imprinting with the company name and / or logo, all the better, but make sure to keep it discreet so it does not seem like blatant advertising. Make sure to also attach a gift enclosure card or larger greeting card to make sure to clearly identify the sender. Seasonal accents such as flowers, greens, leaves or sparkly stars or theme items can also add pizzaz and add even more wow factor to bulging baskets.