Practical Wedding Favors Your Guests Will Love

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of major spring cleaning, dusting away at little glass figurines you wish you could throw away but could not because they were a souvenir from your cousin's wedding. Well, if you are that sort, you should think of getting practical favors for your own wedding – giveaways that will not turn into throwaways. Here are some ideas for practical wedding favors.

People are always traveling, making luggage tags a spiffy practical wedding favor. Engrave the back with the bride and groom's signature and wedding details, while keeping the front free for the guests to insert their own tags.

For use at home, you can give out coasters or salt and pepper shakers, which are available shaped as hearts, or even as the bride and groom. If you and your groom appreciate fine wine and so do your friends and family, give out bottle openings, corkscrews or wine stoppers. Many suppliers have these especially designed for weddings and are customizable as well. Engraved wine flutes are also available as favors, however, these get broken easily, especially when people will be rushing to send you off from the wedding reception.

Whether your guests hold down 9 to 5 office hours or have a study at home, they'll be guided with paperweights to hold down the items in their outboxes. Paperweights come in a stunning array of hearts, doves and flowers, and can be made of glass, porcelain and even silver. You can also give out tiny frames, which can act as place card holders for your wedding reception. Later, your guests remove the cards that bear their names and they become actual mini-picture frames.

A great and very practical wedding favor would be those little mint tins. You can even customize the lid to bear your names. While mints are consumable, the tin is not and your guests can actually keep using the tins, refilling the mints as they get eaten. Pretty neat, huh?

Another wonderful wedding favor that has actual participation at your wedding is a ribbon wand, which you can ask your guests to use to send you off on married life, rather than the traditional rice or confetti. These ribbon wands can be customized according to your wedding motif, with details printed such as "Thank you for sharing this special day with us, with love from (insert bride and groom names here)" and the date and venue of your nuptials. Imagine how pretty it would be when each guest waves the ribbons in the air as the newlyweds dash into their awaiting bridal car! They are so much more picturesque than birdseed or bubbles.

Arguably, these could be one of those wedding favors that will be shoved into a corner of your guest's house long after the wedding ceremony, brought out only to be dusted at their regular spring cleanings. Avoid this by encouraging guests to cut off a piece of the ribbon (preferably with your names on it) and use as a bookmark in the photo album where they'll keep pictures taken of them at your wedding. Now, that's not only a practical wedding favor, but also enlivens the album, giving it a personal effect.